10 reasons why you don’t make money with your blog

Have you every asked yourselve, why some blogs make money and some don’t? What might be the missing ingredient?
Critical for your success are: keeping your own power, patience, intelligence and hard work. Anyone can make a blog successful as long as they follow the rules and watch out for what makes some blogs fail.

1.    Doing too Much

You may be an excellent visionary, but not be realistic enough. It’s not enough to come up with creative ideas and concepts. You have to ensure that you stick to your ideas and not spread yourself too thin. Get engaged in too much too soon and you’ll peak early and not be able to complete anything properly.

2.    Choosing the Wrong Market

Your road to success as a blogger will be much easier if you choose a solid, potential earner market at the beginning. Before choosing a market, analyze your potential and market needs. Can you offer useful information and services to help your niche readers solve their problems? What are the goals of your prospective market? Will your niche market spend money on your offerings? It’s tricky to monetize entertainment blogs and news blogs as people expect these two categories for free.

3.   Missing out on Networking

Your blog cannot be positioned on an island. You have to network, share posts, visit other blogs, post comments, ask for backlinks, and use social media to propagate your blog. Just providing content on your blog will not make you successful.

4.    Not devoting enough Time

As opposed to No. 1, devoting too little time is just as bad as overdoing it. Your blog is like a small plant that needs sunlight, fertilizer and water at regular intervals. If you don’t have time to nurture your blog, you are not likely to make much money out of it. Too little or irregular will kill the success of your blog – just like a little plant.

5.    Not Focusing on one Thing at a Time

You’ll succeed by plodding on with core focus. If you’re hyperactive, you’ll flit from one unfinished post, idea or project to another and not have enough focus to build sustainable blogs.

6.    Getting Inpatiente

It takes hard word to make a blog profitable; blogs don’t peak and start being profitable till they’re at least a year old. Giving up in the middle thinking it’s a waste of time before tasting success is one of the reasons why some blogs just don’t make it – and we are not even talking about the top positions.

7.    Not Focusing on keeping the Blog Useful for Readers

Never forget that your blog exists as long as readers find the information you post useful and important. Don’t lose sight of this fact and start taking your readers for granted. Provide quality and unique content and earn readers trust. And stay to a single niche. I own several weight loss related blogs and my readers love my blogs because I stay to the topic and promote related things like TRX discount codes and eReleases coupons. This makes my reader base steady!

8.    Bad Writing

If you cannot write, hire a writer to write your posts. Badly written blogs can be perceived as indifference and a lack of caring; your audience will quickly catch on to it. The same counts for grammar and spelling – if you do it yourselve, do it properly.

9.    Not Following The Rules

There have been incidents of bloggers getting greedy before time and breaking the unwritten rules of successful blogging. They tend to run too many Ad programs without providing value to readers and drive away traffic by over-commercializing their site. The content must be easily distinguishable from the ads and banners.

10.    Getting Distracted

Getting distracted from the core goal of your blog can be a killer. There are many things to distract the average blogger but if your focus moves away from quality content, you’ll lose your reader base.

Imran Mir

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