10 Ways To Increase Google Plus Followers & Boost User Engagement

When we checked out the referral visits for many big brands we found out that visits from Google plus has really increased and continuously increasing. The SEO trends for 2019 are also changing.

Google plus has become one of the top social media website specially for business users. Google plus is not as popular as Facebook, still the number of monthly users for Google plus now reportedly exceeds 500 million.
Google started showing YouTube videos and Google+ posts in search results and this helps to your followers to find your Google+ posts ranking at higher positions in their personalized search.

If you want to increase your traffic through Google+ then most important requirement is to have a strong follower base and good user engagement with your posts.

We did a research around what other popular brands are doing on their Google plus to increase their followers & user engagements and we have come to following outcomes:

1. Create Descriptive Hover Card for Your Profile

Hover card is a box that appears when you take cursor on the name of any Google plus user. It gives you a summarize information about that person.

A well optimized hover card is really important to get a high followers count. Many users decides on the basis of hover card whether to follow a particular user or not.

What Information is Required to Show in a Hover Card

Cover Picture – Show your creativity in your cover image, add an attractive cover image in your profile. If you have any company or website cover page, It really impress users and also give them message about your company/website.
Profile Image – Use your original picture in your profile. Users gives preference to genuine looking profiles. A clear head-shot image is the best one to use.
Tagline – Add a short introduction about you and your work in your about me section of profile. It give users a sense about you and your posts. Add you location also.

Personal viewWhenever I search for my niche people to follow, I just enter a keyword in search box and out of long list of users in search results, I check their hover cards and if they belong to my niche (according to their work and website niche) I just add them to my circles.

2. Share Amazing & Valuable Content from the Web

Don’t just share your own website content, but share other useful content from the web. Sharing more and more useful content for users leads to more engagement.

Google plus has started showing large posts images in its timeline. Adding large images to posts creates an impact on user’s mind and gets user attention. It helps in getting more +1’s and re-shares for the content.

Whenever any post is re-shared on Google plus, It shows the profile link of the person who originally shared the post.

So if you are sharing some amazing content and if it is getting re-shared then there are possibilities that users reading that posts may follow you.

Try targeted sharing in Google plus. Most people share content with public only, But you can target your posts with your friends, family or any specific circle.

You can also send an email to them to notify about your shared post. 
How to do targeted sharing in Google+ for posts by Moz - techseotricks
Using too much targeted sharing turns into spam and it may irritate your users. So take care of this while using. Use this feature with specific people only.

3. Publish Mini Blog Posts with Proper SEO

Google+ posts are always considered as separate webpages. They are indexed and cached by crawler, have their own page rank, Ranks in search results and helps in driving traffic to your website.

More visibility in search results helps in getting more views for your content, more +1’s, re-shares, more followers, engagement and many more things.
how google+ posts rank in search results in personalized search - techseotricks

Proper SEO of Google Plus Mini Blog Posts is Necessary

From the time Google+ posts started appearing in search results, I started doing SEO for all my posts on Google plus

Keep following things in mind while doing Google+ posts SEO:
  • Amazing Title for your Posts 
  • Get the right keywords for your content in your post title.
  • Start your post title with the target keywords and try to keep it up to 60 characters including space.
  • Break your posts with multiple titles and make them more descriptive
  • Make your title bold to grab more attention from users.
  • Add Description or Summary for Your Posts

Don’t just copy complete post or the initial 100 or 200 words from your blog and post it on your Google plus. DON’T DO THIS PLEASE.

Rather create a summary for the post and break down your post in small paragraphs with different titles.

Use your target keywords and variations wherever possible in the post, but don’t stuff your post with keyword.
If you are uploading any image in your post then use keywords in the image name on your system.

Link Building for Your Google Plus Post

Attract more links and engagement (+1’s and re-shares) to your post as these signals will improve the importance and therefore search rankings.

Embed your post on relevant websites outside Google plus, it will give a link back to your posts, more users, followers and engagement.

Give link back to your posts from websites/blogs.

4. Do SEO for Profile, Pages or Communities

Just like Google plus posts, profiles/pages or communities also can be optimized to increase their search visibility in search results and boost traffic to your website.

SEO for Google Plus profiles:

Complete all your personal information with relevant keywords included in it. Fill education, employer name, work stream, website name, school, college, hometown etc. All these information helps users to find you and also make sure that your profile is genuine.

Verify your Google+ account to access all the features.

Implement authorship for your authority websites. Connect to your website via authorship mark-up.

Claim custom url for your profile and try to include your target keyword in your url if possible. You can claim only once and cannot change this url later so do this carefully.

SEO for Google Plus brand pages:

Use your target keywords in your page name if it is possible. Don’t compromise brand name for SEO. 

Claim custom url for your brand page. Include keywords in your url. 
To claim your custom url

Go to About -> Links section of your page. You can claim only once and cannot change this url later so do this carefully.

Provide optimized tagline and description for your page with keywords included it.

Connect your authority website with your brand page via publisher mark-up.
Engage users using your brand page to increase its followers and authority.

SEO for Google Plus Communities:

Give a keyword optimized name for your community and include all the details, description and guidelines about your community.

Invite your friends and followers to join your community. Number of participants and their level of engagement impacts the authority of the community.

5. Properly Format Your Google Plus Posts

Proper formatting is really important to make your posts attractive. Unlike Facebook or Twitter where formatting is not allowed for your posts, In Google plus you can use different symbols.

For bold text use * symbol immediately either side of text
*Headline Title*  —  Headline Title

For Italic style text use _ symbol immediately either side of text
_Headline Title_  —   Headline Title

For bold italic text

*_Headline Title_*  —   Headline Title

For strike through style use hyphen (-) immediately either side of the text you want to cross out

-Headline Text-  —   Headline Text

You can also use Ascii symbols in your posts, Some examples are given below. Copy them and paste in your posts.

► ▷ ◄ ◁ ❤ ♫ ★ ✪ ✔ ☺ ☻ ①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫⑬⑭⑮⑯⑰⑱⑲⑳

For more list of symbols visit here

6. Join Interesting Communities of your Interest & Niche

There are hundreds of communities on Google+ for different niches. So if you want a big follower list and want to share your content with the users having same interest then Google+ communities are the best groups to join for you.
Joining your niche communities will help in getting followers of same interest. It’ll get more number of +1’s and re-shares for your content and will grow the potential users for your website.

Things to keep in mind:

Always join relevant communities in your niche. You can join as a individual or as a business. Always add value to the communities by the content or the comments you provide for other user queries.

Follow the communities guidelines properly, Do not spam the community with only your posts. Share other useful content from the web as well.

Interact with other people and their posts, provide valuable answers to the queries and ask your queries to get other users advice.

Some examples of popular Google+ communities related to SEO:

7. Start Conversations to Get Engage with Strangers

Google+ is one of the amazing places like twitter to communicate strangers, but in twitter there is a limit of 140 characters while in Google+ there is no limit so start engaging with other users.

Things to keep in Mind:

Comment on different posts and give your insights, discuss points with other users commenting on that post. Mention other users in posts or comments to answer or question.

Participate in communities discussions and provide value adding suggestions. Ask questions to the niche influencers and share their content.

Whenever any content is shared then comment your queries and share their content with their mention in the post.

8. Organize & Participate in Hangouts

Google hangout is one of the best feature from Google. You can organize hangouts and also participate in hangouts organized by other users.

Hangouts are a really good way to connect with different users and discuss some topic and increase your network.

Join your niche hangouts and provide value adding suggestions to other users or ask queries to other users and discuss topics. Make connections with them.

Join hangouts on a regular basis and create an audience base of users with same interest, Follow them and let they follow back to you.

Organize hangouts on different topics and invite people to discuss it. Share hangout details with your followers.

9. Share your Content Beyond your Circles

You can share posts with anybody in Google plus. Users not on Google+ also can see your content,

How to Share:

If that person is on Google+ then just type his/her name in “To” field and share it with them. 

If that person is not on Google+ then all you need is an email id of the person you want to share with. Type that email id in “To.” section and share it privately with that user.

10. Follow Others and Let them Follow you Back

This formula works most of the time.

If you are an influencer in industry (then you don’t need these ideas) then people will follow you with no doubt
If you are a beginner or an average person who was not so active on Google+ before reading this post then tips explained above definitely going to help you.

Follow all the interesting people in your niche and interact with them so that let they know you and follow you back.

Ask people through private message to follow you back.


Google plus is booming and becoming popular day by day. Google is focusing more on their social network by making them rank in search results and even +1’s also have some impact on rankings. So its time to focus on Google plus seriously to get traffic and to establish yourself as a brand name.
Thanks for reading this posts, Some of the amazing suggestions are taken from rick eliason’s Google+ post. Comment below if there is any query or suggestions. Read other posts from our blog. Like this article and share among your users. Subscribe for regular Updates. 

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