13 Link Building Mistakes That Killed Thousands Of Websites

Last week, I was looking for articles related to link building then I found a lot of articles regarding the preferred ways of building links for websites i.e. white hat link building techniques. 
There are so many high authority blogs like MOZ, Search Engine Land, Quick Sprout, Backlinko etc. sharing various ways & techniques to create external back links.
What do you think?
Is it possible to rank in Search results with No backlinks?

I do interact with people on different websites, blogs, forums, discussion boards etc. and I have found that after sharing so much useful information by industry experts and Google also, People are still doing activities that might be harmful for their website in future.

As Matt Cutts has said that natural links are better than unnatural, So we all should focus on building natural links. After all Google is doing everything for better user experience, So we should focus on users rather then search engines.

What is the reason behind this? Are they unaware of the unnatural link building techniquesor they think that they can fool Google. Well, I guess they are aware of all the DO’s in link building but unaware of the DON’Ts.

So I have decided to share techniques and things webmasters are doing which they should not do for the better SEO of their website. 

1. Using Keyword Rich Anchor text for Link Building

Some webmasters have spammed all over internet by building links with the anchor text they want to rank for so that Google released penguin updateand penalized thousands of websites for building excessive dofollow links with exact match anchor text.

Using keyword rich anchor text is allowed but it is not recommended to build all the links with exact match keywords as an anchor text.
Google suggests to build links naturally, They said that you should not focus on the anchor text, but your links should look natural.
It is recommended to create an optimized link profile by using different variations of anchor texts.

Read: How expedia.com loose their 25% of traffic for building links with exact match anchor text, Google considered them as paid links.

How a good link profile helps a website:
  • Websites with good link profile ranks higher in search results
  • A good link profile is built with high quality back links
  • Quality of back links is determined mainly using anchor text
  • More diversity in anchor text, more the link profile is optimized

2. Building links outside your Niche 

Let say, there is a travel website & blog and they are talking about office accessories and giving a link to their website, will you click on that link?
Well, if user is looking for travel related information then there is no need to give a link to some accessory website. A travel website should link to relevant travel stuff related site to provide some useful information to their users.
There days Google is taking these irrelevant linking very seriously, because they seems to be paid links.
So whenever you build link through outreach methods, Always choose the content from your niche. The surrounding content should be relevant according to the link you are getting from there.
A few months ago, a website docsheldon.com was penalized by Google for placing one off topic link in their content. The docsheldon blog is about SEO and the link was going out to some lead generation pitch about big data, which was not related to SEO in any means.

3. Participating in Forums and using keyword Rich Signatures

Participation in forums is really very good way of sharing information, build relationships and discussing topics only if it is done in the way it is described above.
Many forums allow users to add their signature link in their posts, and that’s a good thing to increase traffic to your website through forums. But users have started spamming through this.

Google has explained in their link schemes very clearly that using keyword rich anchor text in signatures or post is against their link scheme guidelines webmasters should not do that.

Dropping website or blog articles links in discussions is also not a recommended way of building links.
Example of spam signature in forums with keyword rich anchor texts 

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