35+ Amazing Things About Google I Bet You Don’t Know

Google is one of the awesome companies in the world and don’t need any introduction. They have around 90% market share in search industry and most of the internet users are using Google only for searching something online. Here we are sharing some Amazing things & facts about Google you may not know.

## Google was founded by Sergery brin & larry page who were pursuing their Ph.D at stanford university. Their goal was to sell their Google search engine idea for $1 million to whoever is interested in buying but nobody turned up.

## Google homepage is the simplest and most powerful webpage. The reason behind the simplicity of Google homepage is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and they just wanted a quick interface. 
## The Name Google was an Accident. The founders made a spelling mistake. They were going for Googol but did a mistake and named it Google.

## In 1997, Yahoo rejected an offer to buy Google for $1 million.

## First tweet sent by Google in february 2009. This tweet was in binary, saying a very well known phrase from their homepage “I’m Feeling Lucky”
I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010
— A Googler (@google) February 26, 2009
## Google written backwards is elgooG, but did you know you could search backwards too at http://elgoog.im
Google mirror showing search engine of google.com - techseotricks
## Google has Company T-rex Dinosaur in Googleplex ( Corporate Headquarter of Google ). This skeleton body is original and an asset of Google Inc.

## Doodle is Google’s famous homepage changing Google logo graphic to mark an event or anniversary. it is enjoyed by millions of people and it is really very interesting to see different doodle on different events. 

Doodle was first introduced in 1998. You can checkout all the doodle’s till now by clicking on “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google homepage.

## Play Breakout Game on Google and never get bored. Go to Google search and enter “atari breakout”, click on first link and start playing game. This is really very nice and interesting game. Use directional keys from keyboard or mouse to play. You can share this score in on Google+ profile.

## Play Zerg Rush on Google whenever you are bored. Enter zerg rush in search and results will be shown to you and game will also start simultaneously. Click on clear in left to stop this game.
      play zerg rush on google

## Google’s initial name was “BackRub”, a reference back links to rank sites in search results.

## When a Google employee, his/her spouse gets half pay for 10 years.

## In 2013, Google suffered a blackout that took down all of its services for five minutes.
## On average, Google has acquired more than one company every week since 2010.

## Google might be the only company with the goal to reduce user spent time on their website.

## For street view maps, Google has photographed 5 millions miles of road around the world.

## Google consist of around 90,000 servers, racked up in clusters located in different different data centers around the world.

## Google is the most visited website in the world with alexa rank 1. Almost 620 million visitors visit Google.com daily. 

## Upto 97% of revenue of Google comes from advertisements.

## Google’s unofficial slogan is “don’t be evil. Google tries hard to contribute to the good causes, be it humanitarian or environmental.

## Google new team members are called Noogler while their permanent employees are called Googlers and their headquarters is called Googleplex.

## In Google offices, Employees are given computer controlled skateboardfacility, they can go anywhere in the office using those skateboards.

## Did you mean feature just doubled their traffic. It is advanced spell checker and it helps users to find suggestions to their search requirements.

## Google is one of the awesome workplaces in the world as there is no restrictions for proper dress code in the Google office, you can wear even kurtas or any super heroes dress also.

## 20% of the time in a week i.e. 1 day in a week you are allowed to do things of your interest/projects. More than 50% of Google products like Google news, Orkut and many others are result of this.

## Google is a dog friendly company that allows its employees to bring their well-behaved canines to office with them.

## Google provides on-site physicians and nurses, who make sure the employees do not have to leave the campus for medical checkups. Google believes that happy and healthy employees are the best employees.

## Googlers can request to work anywhere for a change of mood, like in park or any other place in office. They do not have to go and sit in their cubicle desks every day. It is a pleasure being a Googler.

## Googlers can ride company provided bicycles all around their campuses. Google makes sure its employees do not have to walk through their huge campuses, and that they use greener technologies.

## Google started making april fool’s jokes in April 2000 when they announced the “MentalPlex”, an ability of Google to read person’s mind as the user visualizes the search results they wants.

## Google provides food & snacksfree to their employees, No employees has to walk more than 150 feet for food. Google spend Million of dollars on free employee food per year.

## Google has designed driverless cars (modified Toyota Prius) and they lobbied nevada state to pass laws to allow driverless vehicle and they were granted a license to test their cars in nevada

## Google rents 200 goats from a company named California grazing to cut down weeds in Googleplex’s gardens.

## Have you ever used “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google homepage? Most of the users don’t know about the use of this button. When Google tried to remove this button, Google homepage looked incomplete and user experience also reduced, so they decided to keep it on Google homepage. 

Press I’m feeling Lucky button then it takes you to the Google Doodles page.
If you enter any search query and press I’m feeling lucky button than there will be no ads in search results page, Google actully loses about $100 Million in revenues because of this button.

## First storage of Google was made of lego because they needed about 40 GB storage, while biggest hard disk available at that time was only 4 GB so they assembled 10 hard drives to amke one of 40 GB.

## Google provides nap pods for their employees to take rest at workplace.

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