5 Essential Facebook Page Makeover Tips For Startups(2019)

Facebook marketing really helps a startup to spread the word about product/service information, team, inside activities, milestones etc. to its stakeholders. When someone visits your Facebook page through an organic and paid medium, your page should showcase just one important thing What is your brand all about. Below are the few tips that will assist you makeover your startup Facebook page.

Tip #1: Book a username

Direct your customers and prospects by setting up a username for your Facebook page. All you have to do is, go to www.facebook.com/username, choose your company page from the drop down menu, type username (most probably your company name) that you would like to have for the page (without any spaces) and confirm it. Done! This will make your page look professional. Remember, after booking the username, you can change it only once.

Tip #2: Upload a relevant cover photo

Your Facebook page timeline cover photo is where your startup branding begins. Here are my suggestions for Startup cover photos: Upload a lively photo of your team members (tells your companys work culture) Showcase your product/service in an innovative way (Adhere to 20% text rule) Your success stories like awards, recognitions etc A inside picture of your office (if you want to showcase your company is a fun place to work) Important: Do not upload low quality pictures. If you cant design one, hire a designer and get a good job done. If you cant hire a designer, check out your LinkedIn connections for a friend who is a designer and ask them for help. Dont hesitate. P.S. Cover photo size is 851px X 315px

Tip #3: Update milestones

Milestones are the key moments that you want to share with your company stakeholders. By adding them properly with pictures, you can tell a beautiful story about your startup journey.

Tip #4: Update public information

This is one section where majority of the startups dont use to its full potential. Just go to Edit Page tab on your admin panel and click on Update Public Info. My suggestion is put as much information (relevant) as you can on this section. Update about your startup vision, mission, products, services, your company timings, address, information about other social networking sites like your Twitter page, LinkedIn page, Google+ Page etc..

Tip #5 Profile Picture

When you post something on your page, it will appear on your fans news feed and the first thing they look at is your profile picture icon and your startup name. And when they come to your page, the first thing they will interact visually is with your cover photo and profile picture. So having a relevant and clear profile picture is a must. Did you know that over 90% of the brands and businesses use logo or favicon as their Facebook page profile picture. So, go ahead and make one. P.S. Profile Picture size is 180px X 180 px.

Conclusion In the end, a startup Facebook page is about three things: branding, visual appeal and interesting content. Spend considerable amount of time to get these three things in place. Never ever comprise on design aspect and branding because good design and relevant information about your brand will make your product/service more attractive to its stakeholders. If you would like to add your thoughts, please let me know in the comments box below.

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