5+ Tips To Keep On Getting Blog Post Ideas

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Blogging is an art where only few can hang on and keep on rolling. Even they can sometimes be bobbed down with searching for ideas to post something up. Getting stressed out is a part of bloggers when they need to update their blogs. Every blogger would love to update his blogs once or twice a day not with a post that is of no use for his reader’s right? This article will focus on tips to get you number of ideas to get good post ideas

Google on Your Niche To Get Post Ideas:

Google was one great start up which has changed millions of lives and the way to think about the world. We can get anything from it and have all our queries answered from it. Although Google is the main traffic source for many blogs , even you can use it to get something out of it for your blog. Key in some keywords depending on the niche which you blog and scan through all the search results opening some interesting ones. Read them and you will surely get some good post ideas.

Mind Mapping For Post Ideas:

Mind Mapping is a refreshingly new way to organize things and get an idea for your blog post. A mind map is a diagram, representing ideas, words, jobs to do, or other inventories arranged around and connected to one, core idea or element. So for blogging a single key concept or theme that runs through it can be the idea around which the entire mind map is created

Create a Link Post:

If you are out in no man’s land to publish an article but need to put one then you can definitely try this one out. Create a post by linking to other good websites / blogs which have quite good resources and also very useful for your readers.

Note: Do make sure to keep all your links as No-follow which is essential for your SEO.

Write What You Know:

If you are good at something then blog is a place where you should share it with others too. So if you are good at something which you think can be useful your reader base then there is no harm in putting it on. Create a Post tile including “Tips” in it which will make it more Professional as well as commanding. Make sure that everything you publish is tested once before you put it on your blog. People hate getting false tips/tutorials.

Search Networking Sites:

You always want to write what people require and which will interest them. The best thing you can do is to get on to some social networks/blog networks and interact with them. Ask people what they would love to read and what you could write on. If you find more than one interesting idea keep it in your database and write on it later publishing it on regular intervals.

Subscribe To Google Alerts:

Google Alerts is one resource which I use quite often to write my blog posts. Depending on your niche you can subscribe to number of categories on Google alerts. Whenever something new comes on the web on that category you will receive a mail and if it is interesting enough then even you can write on it.

Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo Answers is one place where there is no ending of questions. People ask question on everything and anything. You may want to see questions on your niche and provide solutions on your blog. This is also beneficial because then you can get a link back from Yahoo Answers if you have a solution for the questions.

Hope this would help in getting you some post ideas for sure :)

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