3 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Website

So you have set up your brand new shiny website and everything is looking good now all you need is visitors. That’s easier said than done. Yes there are many ways you can get them but not all visitors are equal. It is much better to have targeted traffic coming to your website who already knows what to expect than someone that has arrived there by accident. I’m going to show you 3 ways to attract customers to your website, if you use these strategies then you will see a huge improvement to your sites traffic.

1. First off creating unique content for your website is crucial, not only will it be more interesting to visitors but the search engines will love it. How it works is that the search engines will see that your site has new content added and will be more likely to crawl more often this in turn will help your site move up the rankings and hopefully on to the first page. You want to write unique content and to write it regularly trying to make it interesting for your customers to read.
2. Article marketing can be a very useful and a free way to get customers to your website. Like the first point you want to write interesting articles that people will enjoy. Try and write as many as you can each day and posting them to the top 2 or 3 article directories. Also remember to put a link back to your website so that people can visit it. Why article marketing is so good is that it helps the reader of your article build up a picture of you and your website so that they can make a decision on whether or not to visit. Being consistent with your output of articles is important, having one or two articles is not going to drive tons of visitors to your site.
3. Being active in forums is another great way to get customers but only if the forum is related to your site. This also helps to build a relationship with your customers before they even visit your site. Try and find a few quality forums in your niche area and sign up to them, fill in your profile with all the relevant information and also utilise the signature with your link in place. Try and give helpful comments and soon you will become somewhat of an authority figure in your niche. The more useful and informative comments you make the more chances that someone will see your link and click on it to go through to your site. One piece of advice don’t get spammy with your comments not only will people not click on your link but others members will not like it and give you a bad name.
So that is only 3 ways to attract customers to your website there are many more ways to go about it. All of the ways above are free and only cost you your time. You may not like doing some of those things but do them until you are making enough money to be able to outsource them so that you can concentrate on something else. Remember that whatever you do, do it consistently and to do it to the best of your ability, and before long you will start to see your website getting tons of traffic.

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