How to Check Your Facebook for Hackers

Facebook allows you to interact with your friends, family members and other personal contacts that has malicious or hacked software and infiltrated their accounts.Facebook Hacking is a very common one and check your account periodically to make sure that it hasn’t hacked.Keep it secure to kick unauthorized users or programs with access to your account for good purpose.

Firstly log into your account and click your name on profile picture that are present in upper and left corner of main screen.Go for Facebook profile and scroll down the wall to take the form of obnoxious and obscene videos and links to other external content.Check out the messages to make sure that no one informs you to have strange posts or messages that comes from your account.Hackers are more evident to a hacked person friends.

You should secure your account at Facebook’s “Secure Your Account” page and click on “secure my account.”Identify the friends that are tagged into the sequence of photos that is present on the Facebook.Now confirm your personal account information and change your password to lock out other users.

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