Point Your Domain From GoDaddy To Your Hosting Service Provider

GoDaddy is one of the top domain name and hosting service provider in the industry. But when it comes to WordPress hosting, there are so many better and budget WordPress hosting service providers available in the market.
Buying domain from your hosting provider itself is a good option but what if you have already bought a domain from GoDaddy? In that case, you have to update the DNS Nameservers in GoDaddy and point them to the nameserver address provided by your hosting provider.
It looks like a complicated process but it’s not. It takes hardly 5 minutes and do not require any technical knowledge.

Steps to Change the DNS Nameserveres in GoDaddy to Point Domain to your Hosting Provider

Login to your GoDaddy account and click on manage in DOMAINS section as shown in the below image.

Once you click in the manage button, you will land on MY DOMAINS page. Here, go to your domain and select DNS settingsoption for your domain.
Now go to the SETTINGS and look for the nameservers for your domain.

Once you find nameservers for your domain, click on manage to edit the DNS nameservers.

Now, you will see 2 Nameserver settings
  1. Standard
  2. Custom
Select custom Nameserver settings and click on ADD NAMESERVER

Add 2 Nameservers provided by your hosting provider and save the settings.

Save the settings and you are done. Your domain settings will automatically update the IP address where your doamin name is to be pointed.
These settings will take upto 48 hours to update, but usually it is done in 15 minutes. The process of updating DNS nameservers is very simple and anyone can do it.
You can check if your domain name is getting opened in browser. If it doesn’t get updated in 48 hours then contact GoDaddy.
Please comment below if your have any query or find any difficulty while updating the DNS Nameservers for your domain.

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