Best Niche For Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the largest online business contributors for bloggers and webmasters. Without doubt, Google has turned out to be one of the most reliable service ads, had advertiser ever, has a variety of niche, suitable for different types of websites, has a layout that can be made uniform with a variety of design from websites, and most importantly, provide a much larger commission than other ad services. But is it true that every website can enjoy a very good salary for Adsense? Is it true that all high traffic sites automatically get clicks and CPCs are abundant? Not really.

Best niche for adsense

9 best niche for Google Adsense (ID)

Previously, just today I removed all the attributes of Google Adsense ads on If you think about it, it might seem expensive, right? But my calculations are just the opposite. After installing Adsense on these two blogs for a few months, I do not see any potential strong enough to maintain them.

What is the factor? There are two, Niche and Visitor Type! Although it can HPK on niches such as blogs, webmaster resources, internet marketing, SEO, and as there are many, but the click rate is not so great. Why? The logic is very clear, visitors to your site or blog like this is the webmaster and blogger who are also those who are already very familiar with Adsense. Even among them is the Adsense publisher itself. Therefore, you could say that they have experienced Ads Blindness. Any interesting announcement will not look like a wah. Ads getting thousands of thousands of free backlinks will be very does not work for those who are already blind Adsense. In fact, some may already be determined not to click on Adsense, as interesting as the ads that are being served!

The above conditions are factual things that I feel myself learning. At I finally decided to use KlikSaya as an ad service. And it turns out, although CPC is very small, but the click is very routine and the results are quite satisfactory. The average advertising broadcast is to make money online and apparently the interest for such an offer is considerable. Not even 15 days my advertisement was published on the blog but next month is the time of the PO. Although small, but if the routine would be very fun.

So for me personally niche, CPC, and most importantly: the type of visitor is very influential on Adsense earnings. In some of my other blogs that are thematized outside of webmastering, I still maintain Adsense because it gives enough promising revenue. Some of them bernish Fashion, Health, and another I put on the website selling t-shirts. Apparently, although traffic is not high, clicks and CPC are quite high.

So, the point is whether you want to snag 100% income or at least 50% of Adsense on a website / blog, niche strategy is needed. Avoid using a variety of niches at a time because it is not a good effect to attract targeted visitors. In addition, ads served are inconsistent, reducing potential clicks. Target visitors in general, where they have a real interest in advertisements and follow their curiosity by clicking on the ads without being overloaded with thoughts.

Ok, so let's get to the point! From what I have observed and learned from my blogs alone and also from some websites with specific niche niches, here are the niches that simply provide the potential clicks, CPC, and in the category of high paying keywords ( HPK) is high and the most important, has a goal of general visitor:

1. Health, Fitness and Nutrition
For example, tips on maintaining health and fitness, fattening or maintaining the body, healthy foods, tips for avoiding premature aging, etc.

2. Computers and the Internet
For example, computer repair is independent, Internet security, networking, social media, etc.

3. Electronic technology and equipment
The niche is quite large and has many kinds. But in general, this niche is about consulting or reviewing the world of computers, the Internet, gadgets, applications, laptops, mobile devices, and many other electronic elements.

4. Fashion and beauty
Niche is very popular among young people and the class that usually exists at the middle to upper level. For example are unified tips on clothing, fashion trends, beauty equipment reviews, body care, Korean fashion trends, accessories, designer reviews, and more.

5. Product Review
Although it is very difficult to write a product review approved by Google as an objective and quality review and the possibility of getting a very small approval, but this niche has HPK and the potential for CTR is very high.

6. Automotive
One of the reasons why this niche has such a high CPC is that the targeted visitors will be led to an offer to sell automotive products at a very high price. No wonder clicks on auto ads like this type can reach $ 3 to $ 5 per click!

7. Housing (real estate) and residential development
Although in Indonesia this niche is still very little advertiser, but there is no harm in trying to get closer to this niche, because in a while, Adsense Indonesia will surely be flooded with real estate ads like the development of the world real estate of Indonesia. And of course, the CPC is very high!

8. Travel and entertainment
It's a niche niche very much in my opinion. When someone wants to travel or find an entertainment spot in a certain area, he will certainly write the right keywords on Google, so the possibility of getting targeted visitors with this niche is 99%; and, that means CPC and the clickability (CTR) is very high. The review of attractions, hotels, travel tips, and more are topics that are well suited to this niche.

9. Make money online / online business. This one I think is pretty obvious
In fact, there is still another one that can be called a niche that has great potential for Adsense. But in my opinion, adjusted to the context in Indonesia, the niches are still a bit rare to develop, for example dating sites, love and relationship, motivation and self-improvement, legal representation, such as lawyers, lawyers and legal defense, etc.), antiques, etc. All that has been mentioned also has high potential for CPC and CTR, but in the context of Indonesian language content, this is less appropriate, as more visitors will see the ad speaking English and coming from abroad.

Hmm ..., have you decided to choose a particular niche? In my opinion, choose a niche that is obviously much better than we combine the entire niche in a blog.

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