Blogger? Actually What

Beginning of the blog is a web journal, writing similar newspapers / newspapers posted on the web. The characteristic is that writing is organized chronologically, with the most recent writing at the very beginning / top. In the subsequent development of a web newspaper called a blog, and began to add such amenities that visitors can leave comments, it is broadcast using RSS feeds, and so on.

Blogger? Actually what

Blogger is the name of the person who wrote on the blog. Some write it in double g, blogger, it is also written with a single g, blogger.

Both have the same meaning. Terms one can be just a blogger: can write! About technology for blogs, there are many options on the internet, and many services that offer a place to write a blog for free, such as wordpress and blogspot.

There are experts in "telematics" who think that bloggers have more technical capabilities, and even equate bloggers with hackers. Of course, this shows how qualified the expert is, because the blogger's main ability is simply to write. Well, in the community of bloggers that all are writers, there are some who have the technical ability is more, there are people who prefer to write a work of art, there are people who like to write in the style of a journalist, and so on; but it is wrong to assume that the blogger has above average technical ability. So, more and more embarrassing when the same experts said that bloggers must act together to prevent the "hacker" to the destruction of the site.

In short, bloggers are ordinary people, with average ability, with a differentiator: like to write. Do not believe the words that bloggers were whiz technical issue, blogger hackers, it just shows that people do not really know what blogger.

So, you have so many answers were interesting and demoralizing when you ask them who already knew the world of blogs, especially when you have been searching Google with the words what is blogging?

They may have told you with the explanation of the safest way to make money online.

Some of them may in his opinion say that blogging means being a worker in time can reach the night (one night). Many of them you may have hinted at are the names of famous bloggers who have become millionaires in a relatively short period of ten years.

While some pessimists can advise you that it is too technical and the work is not for you. In the shortest time after every answer you have, you should be more confused to know what blogs are in the true sense.

But do not worry now. If you really want to know what blogging is?
You have landed in the right place. I'm going to remove all the force errors associated with it and try to make it a magic wand for money or a mysterious world in which very few people succeed. All the activities you do to start, launch and promote a blog are collectively called blogs. Iyya Kan?

You may be wondering if you read simple answers to questions; Is this blogging. Practically, blogs are always simple. includes:
Plan to launch a blog, including keyword research, selection / choice of a niche, blog purchase and hosting of domain names. Start a blog This means that you are ready to publish content and to your target audience.

  • Write content to publish on it. This is called blog posting.
  • Optimize your blog This is called search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Promote your blog We say it's the optimization of social media.
  • Achieve blog goals with your blog. Everything can be like money, promoting your business, creating a network or just having fun.
  • In general, there are three types of blogs.

Blogging Money: The ultimate goal is to make money with blogs. Money earned with a blog selling products and services. Products and services are personal products of blogs or others, which sell (blogger) commission results. Displaying banner ads and text ads is also another source for making money with blogs. Business Blogging: It means promoting a business. It does not act directly as a marketing tool to increase business sales.

It also works as an image of a business builder. Whatever type of business you have, you can support it by launching a blog.

People will read your blog and have a better understanding of your products and your business. It's the smartest way to grow your business because you do not have to spend a lot of money. If you do this temporarily.

Amateur blogging: this is done for other purposes than money. This can be fun, network sharing and knowledge. This is the easiest form of blogging. That's why it's not the focus of the blogosphere and nobody cares if someone starts a blog just to enjoy it. Only friends and colleagues visited and commented on the messages. It's a pure type of personal blogs.

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