How To Compile Short Reports From Articles and Blog Posts

You spend a lot of time writing articles and blog posts and you’re sharing a lot of good content. Why not get some extra mileage from the time and effort you’ve already spent and turn them into short reports.

Compiling The Content
If you’ve come up with 5 to 10 articles related to a central topic from the beginning this becomes very easy. If you didn’t, spend some time to look through the archive of your blog and through any articles you’ve written and find a few that go well together.
Paste the articles into one document. You can use Microsoft Word for this or the Text Document from Open Office.
A Little More Content To Tie It All Together
If needed wrote some transitional paragraphs to move smoothly from one article to the next. Each article or blog post will be a chapter in your short report.
Add a short introduction explaining the overall concept or topic of the report.
Simple Formatting Tips
Next it’s time to do a little formatting. Turn the titles of your articles into headings. Use this to insert a table of content. Create a footer with page numbers and copy right information. I also like to include a link to my website in the footer.
A Title Page For Your Report
Create a title page for your short report. Mine usually includes the title of the report, a related image, my name as the author and a link to my site.
About The Author
I also like to create a short “about the author” section that showcases my experience in the niche the report is centered around along with links to my niche site, blog and other related short reports.
Last but not least, it’s time to monetize the report. You can do this in several different ways.
Include Affiliate Links In The Content: Read through the content in each chapter of your report and find a few affiliate products you could promote. For example, if I’m mentioning autoresponders in one of the articles, I could link to my affiliate link for Aweber anytime I use the word “autoresponder”.
Include Image and Text Ads: Toward the end of each chapter, or where it makes sense within the content, add an advertisement. I find it helps to include an image along with some text and a strong call to action.
Create A Resources Page: The easiest option is to create a resources page at the end of your report that includes links and brief one or two sentence descriptions for each affiliate offer.
As you can see, it’s pretty quick and easy to recycle several of your articles and blog posts into a short report. You can then use that short report to build your list and get more traffic.

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