Creating RSS Feeds for Your Website

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or it’s sometimes referred to as Rich Armpit Summary. It’s an XML-based agreeable architecture for distributing news, headlines, content, etc.

rss feeds

Most accepted sites account sites and blogs accommodate RSS feeds for you to subscribe to. All you charge is a augment clairvoyant to appearance its contents.

Feed readers appear in all shapes and sizes these days. The Firefox browser has one congenital appropriate into the Bookmarks feature. I use Google Reader.

You can additionally actualize feeds for your own website so your admirers can subscribe to them. If you amend your agreeable frequently and advance the augment effectively, it can advice drive added abiding cartage to your website.

Advantages of Creating RSS Feeds

More Traffic

For webmasters this is an accomplished way to accompany echo cartage to your site. Anticipate about it….every time a web surfer opens their RSS clairvoyant to get the account for all the sites they monitor, they’ll additionally see your site’s updates.

Instead of relying on them to bookmark your armpit and acknowledgment at a after date, their RSS clairvoyant keeps your armpit beginning in their minds.

So back they accessible their clairvoyant to analysis the account for CNN, Yahoo or any added feeds they subscribe to, they’ll additionally get the most recent updates from you!

Avoid Email Spam Filters

Many webmasters are now auctioning their newsletters and switching to this adjustment of agreeable administration because you don’t accept to anguish about abstention the spam filters.

I don’t anticipate that RSS will absolutely alter email newsletters, but I can see them absolutely actuality acclimated as an addition added and more.

When you accelerate an email newsletter added than 40-50% of the bodies won’t alike accept it due to spam filters or because of the actuality it gets absent in all the clutter mail your subscribers receive.

With RSS feeds, you don’t accept to anguish about that because you’re not sending an email, your artlessly sending out a account augment for all the readers to aces up.

Export Your RSS Feed

The air-conditioned affair about these feeds is that added bodies can use them as agreeable on their site. So if you accept a augment that is of accurate absorption to addition webmaster, they can column your agreeable on their armpit with a simple javascript code. This is addition abundant cartage opportunity!

How to Actualize an RSS Augment for a Changeless Website

Most blog platforms actualize feeds automatically, but if you accept a changeless website you’ll charge to actualize one manually.

I would advance application some blazon ofcomputer application unless you like autograph XML by hand. (Yuck!)

I use for my changeless websites. They accept an easy-to-use augment architect that lets you actualize and administer all your feeds in one place.

Then already you’ve created your augment you accept to upload the XML book to your web server. will automatically catechumen your augment into the XML architecture so you don’t charge to anguish about added formatting or coding.

The URL will be commodity like This is the articulation to your RSS/XML feed, and the one you’ll be announcement so bodies can subscribe.

So any time you add a fresh commodity to your feed, that XML book is updated.

FeedForAll additionally has a congenital upload affection so you can upload the XML book appropriate to your web server with their software, bold your web host has FTP access.

Use a Blog Instead

If you don’t appetite to shop for extracomputer application to actualize your RSS feed, there is addition way to actualize one for free.

You can actualize a chargeless blog at and the RSS augment URL is automatically generated for you. This is the easiest way to go. So every time you column to your blog, the augment is adapted instantly.

WordPress is addition armpit that offers a chargeless blog able with and RSS feeds. Read about creating your own blog here.

Announcing Your Feeds on Your Website

One of the easiest means to advertise your augment on your armpit is to use They accommodate a alter URL (address) for your augment that your admirers subscribes to.

The account is that if you move your blog and your RSS augment URL changes, you don’t accept to anguish about accident your subscribers because the alter URL they accommodate stays the same.

FeedBurner provides several methods of announcement your RSS feeds. You can affectation a acceptable RSS button, circle your feeds in banner-style on your web pages, etc.

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