Crispy Differences Between A Website And A Blog.. Must Read!

blog vs websiteOkay. So you say you are running a website? Right? Yes. Maybe. But how? And what is the proof? And where you have got this knowledge? You may meet your one friend or other stating that he is having a website. Sometimes, one says that he is having a blog. People often think that both terms are same and can be used anywhere. But actually, not. There is some sort of difference between website and blog. Though there is no difference between their looks and URL structure, but still websites are never referred as blogs and blogs are never referred as websites. Find out what you have! A blog or a website! ;

Differences Between A Website And A Blog:

#1: Blog Is Personal | Website Maybe Be Business Or Personal

If you will look upon some big sites like Labnol, MyBloggerTricks, ShoutMeLoud, etc. then in most cases, you will find 1-2 owners of the complete site. Rest are either Guest posters, or simply co-members. A blog is run individually by a person. Whereas, in a website, a team or company works together i.e. it is made by a company or a professional team.

#2: Blog Is Never Non-Profit | Websites May Be

As told earlier, blogs are managed by individual or small group of individuals. But website is managed by a whole company or team. So, it is understood that a blog owner would need funds to pay hosting bills. Whereas some websites (not all!) are non-profit organisations i.e. they work without any funds. They accept only donations. Such websites examples are: WikiLeaks, Wikipedia, etc.

#3: A Blog Is Always On CMS | Websites May Not Be

You will rarely find a blog without CMS platform. Not rarely too, never. Because a person is not able to code a full developed custom platform to post content. Its a nightmare. But websites, can be without CMS platform i.e. they can be coded from scratch. Website owners hire experts from different fields and then pay them to develop sites.

#4: A Blog Is For Knowledge | A Website Is A Brand

Most available blogs are there to spread one kind or other, knowledge to all people. But if you will visit a website, then most probably you will find only these things there: Home, Contact Us, About Us, Map Location, Products, Sponsors, etc. This is called a brand.

Your Views?
I guess I have cleared differences between site and blog. What do you think about these? Do share your views with us!

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