Denied ADSENSE - Why Adsense REJECT

Let's start with the basic question: "Why does Google refuse your Adsense program submission?
There are several reasons why your submission was rejected. And here are some key reasons why your submission was rejected:

Why AdSense reject

  • You violate the AdSense rules
  • You do not have enough content (quantity and quality)
  • You do not have enough traffic yet

1. Discuss things that are already public
I observe, many bloggers who sign up for Adsense using blogs that nests it is common.
They are too daring to take the niche they like, but the opportunities in the niche are still wide open.

2. Loading Adult Content, Gambling and Violence
A good niche blog for Adsense is a niche blog that you are good at.
But remember this rule:
In the Adsense policy already mentioned that the blog should not endanger the safety of the family.
Adsense considers adult content, gambling and violence to hurt your family.

So, if "adult blogspot" is clearly rejected Google Adsense.
Specifically for game content, there is little Adsense translation.

3. Link copyrighted content
Adsense strongly supports someone's work.
So, if your blog contains copyrighted content, you can not easily receive Adsense.
You must be honest, you must provide a referral link on the content content from sources outside the blog.

(But in most cases, it also does not guarantee AdSense accepted.)
So, to be sure, try using the free image license at the time of Adsense registration
... and do not include any video that smacks of copyright.

4. Provide download software / license key
As well as the third point, Adsense does not approve either the download blog.
The reason they violate copyright.

In addition to the downloaded blogs, they also reject blogs that share key licensing software.
This is in accordance with the policy of Google Adsense

5. At the time of review, ads are displayed in Word Short Page
Adsense strongly supports the user experience.
So, without a doubt, Adsense has refused his ads displayed on the word minimum page.
In addition to harming the advertiser, it also hurts the reader because the number of ads exceeds the content of the content.

6. Difficult navigation
Browsing a blog can be seen from the ease with which readers navigate your site.
Try to position yourself as a reader from time to time, whether you can explore your site easily or not.
If not, you should fix it immediately.

7. Your age under 18
For condition 1 it's a must.
If you are under 18, you should be patient.

If dah ngebet wants to earn an income, you can first look for other business online while increasing traffic.
Because if blog traffic is always the same, can not do anything.

8. Counterfeit goods
Adsense does not like you to fool visitors.
This scam is usually a corresponding content title with content.
Adsense also does not like the news of HOAX that causes trouble.

9. Ever / Join the Traffic Exchange / Generator
If you have already followed a traffic exchange program, you should be wary.
You can be rejected for this.

Adsense wants its publishers to play on the Internet to maintain advertisers' trust.

Adsense does everything to keep their advertisers and publishers confident.
Since they have their own standards, you as the site owner must meet their criteria.
Do not be like others who continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

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