Find Out Why Other Web Sites Reach The Top Searches On Google

Why is it that other web sites reach the top searches on Google and your pages are ranking much lower? If this is happening to you I suspect you are going through a number of emotions right now. I know this is true as I remember going through the roller coaster ride of positive and negative emotions ranging from anger to self-doubt.

So the web sites that reach the top focus on 2 very different but very essential aspects.
The first major aspect is that they follow the right technical steps. So the web sites that reach the top searches on Google always do their keyword research correctly. This means that the keyword term they choose has traffic associated with it. It also means that the term is targeted to what they are selling. Lastly it means that the term has low or beatable competition.
The successful sites are also well structured. So each page is targeted for a keyword phrase and is optimised correctly. This means that the keyword phrase is located in the title and a number of times in the content of the article section of the page. This also means that the keyword term is not inserted too many times.
Also these web sites could not reach the top if they were not delivering very useful content. This is something the search engines are always looking for. This also helps keep potential customers interested within the web page rather than navigating away to other sites.
In addition these successful web sites have many back links from other authority sites which improves the ranking position of the web page. The ability to reach the top searches on Google is highly dependent on the number of back links on a site.
The second major aspect is that the site owners have followed a successful plan. The owners are aware that this achievement is not reached in a short space of time. The plan they follow is always to use a consistent and persistent effort that follows a daily and weekly plan of action. This daily plan executed over a number of months is really the only plan that has proved to work.
These owners suffer set backs but keep to the plan whatever the obstacles they experience. If they suffer a set back they have a plan to pick themselves up and keep going.
Do you believe the owners of web sites that reach the top searches on Google are any different from you? The answer is no. They are not different however they have a successful planned approach and an attitude not to give up.

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