Five Online Marketing Tips To Boost Your New Blog’s Traffic

With the large number of blogs out there in just about any niche imaginable, it can be pretty hard to get your new blog noticed, no matter how great your content is. To get traffic flowing to your blog, you’ll need to actively market it any way you can. Below are five ways you can promote your new blog and boost its traffic.

Start a Facebook Page
Start a Facebook page for your new blog and invite your friends to like it. Start posting interesting content on it, and post links to your blog posts. Make sure you mix it up a bit with videos, images and text and don’t just post links to your blog posts. Just copy and pasting your blog onto Facebook won’t excite anyone. Try to engage visitors by asking questions and replying to comments. Creating a competition is also a good way to get more people to like your page. Consider using Facebook advertising to get your Facebook page and blog noticed.
Diversify Your Content
Be smart with the content that you put on your blog. Instead of just writing articles containing your own ideas, opinions and research, you can start interviewing experts in your industry. If these experts like your interview, they might share it with their readers, which will bring you more traffic and helps to build your reputation while exposing your content to a new audience.
Audio and Video
If you feel comfortable with this, try to mix up blog posts with video posts, or perhaps start a podcast. Many blogs are doing weekly podcasts these days and some are seeing great results from this with great boosts in sales and readership. Video is also a great way of communication that helps to create a more personal connection with your readers. Posting different types of content on your blog helps with keeping things exciting for your audience and can attract visitors that don’t enjoy reading that much, but prefer audio and video content.

Blog Commenting

Find popular blogs in your niche and start commenting on blog posts. Make sure that you have read the article that you are commenting on and that you actually have something useful to add to the conversation. Most blogs allow you to insert a link to your website in the comment. Though these links are usually nofollow (so they won’t improve your SEO), they can still drive people to your website.
Guest Posting
Good old guest posting is as important today as ever. Try to pitch a blog post to one of the more popular blogs in your niche. Make sure to write a great post and to tailor it to the type of audience the guest blog targets. This way you create a win-win situation where the guest blog gets a great article to post on their blog without having to write it themselves, and you get exposure to a new audience and the chance to plug in a link to your own blog.
Increasing your blog’s traffic is all about using the right tactics and working your ass off, so start putting the work in today and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

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