Free Email Mailing Lists – 3 Powerful Methods to Help Establish Your Own List!

Every business needs to promote their product or service which takes hard work and money. Developing the right marketing campaign is essential and now with the right marketing campaign you can have prospects hunt you down. You can develop a free email mailing list that will target your specific market. Here are 3 proven and powerful methods that will help you establish your free email mailing list:
Article Writing
Article writing is one of the most popular ways of creating free email mailing lists. You simply research the proper problem keyword phrases that revolve around your product or service. Using that problem statement keyword phrase as a catalyst, you simply write a short article that has a few answers to their problem. You must use quality content, have great grammar and spelling, along with making it interesting to read. Your goal is to answer the reader’s needs while creating a desire to know more about what your writing about.
Next, you would create a link with anchor text that will open to your website that displays your product or service. Keep in mind that your website must be targeted to collect their contact information while answering their needs. Your link would be placed either in the body of the article or in many cases in a separate resource box with a brief description. You then post the article on one of the various article directories, blogs, press release, newsletters or other various platforms.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media is drawing much attention and is another fantastic way to help assist you in creating free email mailing lists. Millions of people around the world are now communicating through social media. They are using these sites as a place where they can stay in touch and keep updated on whats going on between families and friends. This has taken social networking to a new level since everything is viral and you can communicate instantly. Using Social Media can help you develop a free email mailing list.
The most popular Social Sites are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When marketing on social sites you must keep in mind that traditional marketing will not work. These are Social Sites where people stay in touch and build relationships and marketing is not different. Friends referring friends is the most powerful form of advertisement and your marketing must conform to this understanding. Once this is understood your marketing becomes very effective.
Video Marketing
Video marketing is also a tremendous way to create free email mailing lists. If you use this right along side your article marketing will give you two techniques of marketing with the same content. This will save you much time and energy since you already have the content. You simply create a slide show based upon your content and then create a voiceover for a slide show presentation. If your not camera shy, many just stand in front of the camera while reading their article that they just wrote.
Once your video is created you simply submit it to the various video directories with your specific key words along with a brief keyword pack description of your video. Make sure to include your website at the beginning of your description.
There are over 50 different strategies to help market online and create your free email mailing lists. It is recommended to only master a few since there is a learning curve to most of them. Make sure to be persistent, have patience, and most of all be consistent with your marketing. In time you will have people “hunt you down” for your business.

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