How to Become a Successful Writer by Changing Your Mindset

Have you ever dreamt about becoming a real writing guru? I bet you did. And I bet you will be surprised by the fact there are simple and very effective recipes on how to achieve success in a short time. And not just a momentary but long-lasting success!

Let’s start our guide with the two factors that stands between you and success.
  1. Starting point. A short stature man will hardly become a basketball star. A muscular hulk cannot even dream of a jockey’s career. We all have talents, but very few of us discover them. Writing on a high level requires If you’re out of any makings of writing, you have a little chance to become a star.
Consistency. The road to success is rather a marathon than a sprint. You must work hard every single day. You must be able to cope with difficulties, experience setbacks and make conclusions. Most talented people do not succeed simply because they do not have enough perseverance and willpower.
However, Buzzessay does believe literature is open for all people. No matter how old you are. No matter how well you educated. Just change the mindset with the tips below and start writing your first book!

Talent Does not Guarantee

We got our talents from birth, and cannot change anything. However, there is a good news. Talent is not needed to succeed in the literature. This is easily seen by looking at the bookshelves. Many best-selling authors don’t have even a bit of talent. Evil tongues claim that many of the classics were dull scribblers and become popular only by coincidence.
Don’t think about the talent at all since it’s only one of the five components of success. And please don’t be proud if you have won the genetic lottery and do have talent. If a person was born in a wealthy family and has a lot of money – does this mean that he has earned his wealth? No, of course. He was just lucky.
Hard and diligent work is the only tool you should operate with.

Hardworking Does Guarantee

An author can achieve temporary success if his talent and luck (see #3) match. However, without daily intensive labor, no one can keep the success. 20 thousand characters per day is OK. Think it’s too much? Then ask a professional athlete how much he trains; ask a pianist how much time he spends playing the piano; the answer will be the same – a lot!
Also, hardworking is your pen test. If you are really a writer, you’ll be happy in writing. But if combining words into sentences is too difficult and boring for you – think about choosing another profession.

Luck is Blind, but You are Not

Usually, people forget about luck. They often think that there’s universal justice in the world: gifted writers supposedly gain success while worthless languish in obscurity. Of course, blind chance always plays an important role in human life. And literature is no exception.
Many authors confident in the “justice” of literature surrender too early. Luck often turns away from the author to the middle of the road. Be persistent. Only the best cases become known to the public. As a rule, failures and mistakes remain behind the scenes.
Try to soberly assess your writing level. No one has power over luck, but you still can reduce the areas where you rely on luck. The more than qualitatively you work, the less you depend on the case.

Writing Technique Appears when Quantity Turns into Quality

Every profession has its technologies and techniques, its hints and tips. By mastering the basics of the writer’s art you’ll solve a lot of possible problems.
However, here we face another problem. Before you start reading a manual, make sure it was written by a native speaker since translated guides and manuals may ignore the specifics of your language.

An Ivory Tower is a Relic of the Past. Be Social and Don’t Stop Until You Achieve the Goals

Success in the world of literature is subjected to the laws and regulations valid for any other field. You must communicate with people, set your goals, develop plans, and self-cultivate. Try to surround yourself with positive and aimed at success people.
So, we’ve listed five components of success: talent, luck, hard work, training, and the ability to achieve goals. Talent and luck are out of your control. The three others are under it. Quiet, calm, and step-by-step work on both yourself and the text is a guarantee of your success. If you go down this road to the very end of it, you’ll accomplish everything you want. Few people are capable of hard daily work. You won’t find competitors on this way.

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