How to Customize a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page shares information with an online community of fans.You can customize the way to appear to the fans page.Edit info and Edit page links are opened to editable forms and can update your page.You can also upload a current image as an avatar as a part of your Facebook identity.Admin can create an ad for optimal visibility to online network.

Firstly open the Facebook fan page and click “edit info” link that is located under the page name.A dialog opens with a form.Also type the information in the editable form and update the  contact information or type a concise mission statement.Click to save changes.The links on the left panel should be clicked and the resources link opens a window with information about developing your page or networking.Insight link displays a graph of users and interactions in time.
The profile picture link in the left panel should be clicked and select a photo file to upload as a thumbnail photo.The view page button near the header is to be clicked  and the updated home page appears.Edit page button on the home page and now a dialog windows opens with a list of options.The applicable links on home page like promote with an ad includes the Like button.

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