Cleaning is a business alike other business.There could be a professional way for a cleaner to approach a customer.It would benefit if there is professional website for the cleaning business with a few factors overlooked.Approach through a website could easily help out to sell your services in cleaning.

Well designing a website for cleaning company should be done carefully as to attract the customer towards you.There are some instructions which should be followed in creating a website.

1. A home page should be created as all the customers prefer that page mainly.the home page should be in such a way that the customer have to be indulged in it entirely .

2. The home should be created with pictures and some introduction to your services.having many pictures in the home page could also slow down your website this could irritate the customer.So make sure that the home will have concise description.

3. The next step goes for the introduction of u staff members by creating a page for them with their names and some introduction towards them.This process is valuable information for the visitor.

4. Another step is to create a service page which would help the visitor to know about the services offered and their related costs.
After providing information of your services next step is to create a page for personal blog for the staff members which contain information about their health and etc..As a customer would be willing for cleaner with good health to enter their house on cleaning purpose.

5. For your website to appear good ass a slogan on top of each page.Make sure that the slogan attracts the customer.

6. And also create a page for giving a detail description of your contacts,emails,fax numbers and any other contact information.

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