How to Do Social Media Marketing on 2019 edition

Social media marketing has become one of the best medium of marketing for digital products these days. People hardly go for heavy cost billboard or TV Commercial. The biggest reason may be because through social media you can reach huge audience even across the globe which quite impossible or will be very costly if done so to do by billboard and Television commercial. Before you post anything on social media, rethink what you are going to write and write it as shortly as you can but make sure it implies what you want to say.

You already know Facebook has over 1.6 billion users and considered to be one of the best way of digital marketing. Though there are some restrictions on advertising by the Facebook like you cannot put more than 20% text in an advertising image and so on, still it’s quite convenient. You can choose your target audience by setting gender, location and even age group! There is no doubt Facebook advertising is a great way but still there are few alternatives which can be quite useful. For example, you can often arrange some competition on your Facebook page/group. You can write a post and mention that share this post, like our page and we will pick few winners. What will be the result? You will get lots of likes as well as there will be a good publicity. If you keep this up once in a week or a month then defiantly you can get lots of visitors for your page. I am not saying all these people are customers but once you will have lots of followers/visitors on your page defiantly some of them could be customers. Also, I believe that a customer will prefer a page with more followers than less. So, what you can do is you can attract people who are related to your business. For example, if you own a graphic designing firm then instead of create just a sharing contest you can create a graphic designing contest. In this way lots of graphic designers can take part and create some good stuff which will not only attract some designers but also some design hunters. Once your page/group is popular you can start posting your products but don’t just bore them by posting your products all the time. Instead, post some fun stuff/fact or important links, some news or anything that will not make your page just about business. Keep something for everyone!

In twitter, you can do the same. Post your products but also post some other stuff too. Make sure you visit your followers and retwitte some of their posts as well and they might do the same for you as well. Post with images and videos rather than just with texts. They are really powerful!

Do you use Pinterest? It’s really a great way to showcase your goods. Create board and fill it up with your product. Wait! Don’t just keep your products. Pin others work as well. Actually that’s how it works. You should add lots of pinners and you can create separate boards. Keep one for you and then keep the others for your followers and do share their ones on those boards. I am sure they would love to pin your products in exchange.

I have recently learned about deviantArt and it seems pretty cool! Especially the deviant prints part where you can share your design and people can purchase it directly. Use the submit art option and submit your designs. Do visit others and comment/like their creations and wait for their feedback on your designs.

If you have a website then it’s a plus point. Keep a blog section there and make sure you have something important for the visitors like information or tips that can be helpful for them. It’s always better to write something useful and then use link your product with that information rather than just directly mentioning your product. There is no better way to showcase your products by having your own website. As its all yours, no restrictions so create a portfolio of your products and update them regularly. You should use AdSense only when your site is popular. As long as your website is popular and contain useful information, visitors wouldn’t mind to see some advertise.

Take a look at this website for example

Finally, you should really create slides and upload it on slideshare and video on YouTube. These too are more powerful than you know. You certainly have idea about the popularity of YouTube. Upload videos on your product, include quality and useful tips, how to use them, show some tutorial and see the result!

I must mention google plus is a fantastic way to showcase your products. Make sure you find perfect community that is related to your products. Posting about your business in any popular community will not only cause you ban but also will be a waste of time. So, find some community related to your product and you think will be a good place for publicity. Make sure your read the community guideline and rules for posting. I am telling all these as I myself made the mistake and waste lots of time posting on the wrong place! For example, suppose you are a graphic designer who is selling graphical contents. So find a community that allows design promotion. You will find some group with huge members which might not allow self-promotions and only for tips sharing and discussion. So don’t share their. Find those community where it’s written than you can share your contents in the rules.

The more you share, chance are more to reach your audience. Using hashtag, proper name and tags are so powerful! I say all the time, sharing is not guaranteed sale. It just improve your google search result which is equally important. Don’t just try to sell your product via social media rather attract them in a way which will make them buy your product. So 2 things, share every day and share something valuable.

If you are looking for some unique and quality graphical content then have a look at my portfolio. OH yes, remember this, even when you just write a blog make sure you add pictures. As I have mentioned before Pinterest is really popular these days and you must have pictures in your content to add it on Pinterest.
Let me know about these premium graphical content I have. Suggestions are highly expected and please write and share your thoughts and tips in the comment section about his post.

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