How To Get Better Search Engine Rankings

The writing of the online publication requires building skills in creating search engine friendly text.Some times the spectacular piece of writing in the world of print may fail in search engine rankings.Actually search engines don’t care about the quality and it automatically ranks your writing by sorting it according to relevance.It is  key to the increase of the rank with search engines.
Search Engine Rankings
The ranking does not depend on the writing ability,but may reflect your ability to create search engine optimization,which reflects the ranking of the particular site.You should have an own web site to publish your work. Use keywords and keyword phrases that affect the content of your writing.Keywords should be the main appearance for writing your topic.For example,when writing about search engines,one would expect the words as “search engine” to appear in the writing.You could artificially insert the choice of keywords.A good percentage of keywords is 3-5%.

Titles For Better search engine rankings
Choose the titles that reflect your content.If you have cute title and doesn’t have a clear picture of the article,then it ranks low.Go for practical titlesand forget the nominal titles that are clear and concise.Make every word count that the key words appear in the title.Create a descriptive title for your page:  Your web page title is very important because it is what the search engines display as link text as the result of a search. The title must include your main key phrases, while at the same time it must describe your business very well and should entice readers to click on it.
Unless your business is big and well known (like Microsoft or Coca Cola) don’t start your page title with the name of your company. Start your title with the words search engine users will most likely use (your key phrases).Put your main key phrase at the beginning of your page title (key phrase prominence) and keep your key phrase together (keyword proximity).
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