How to Monitor WordPress Website Uptime For Free

Do you own a website or blog and you can keep an eye every second to check if your website is down. Ont only this it is very bad for search engines also. there are many possible reason for website down and if you don’t notice that you may loose big business. There were few times when my friends called to inform that my blogs was down and when i contact my hosting providers for the reason i had no proof of total downtime to fight with them. But now i get mail at the same time of downtime and also have tack of total up and downtime.

Monitor WordPress Website Uptime

Jetpack wordpress plugin offers monitor service, you can enable monitor service from jetpack settings you will immediately get an email to of uptime and downtime. I am using this plugin on my all blogs and it works best.


Pingdom another free service where you can monitor your site if site is down for more than a minute. pingdom free account offers limited services.


Uptimerobot will monitor your site header every five minutes and sends you email, sms or twitter if website is still down. you can monitor 50 websites with uptimerobot.

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