How To Track A Keyword On Twitter

Twitter is a suitable tool to learn about the Internet users.You can watch conversations or participate on your own on Twitter.Also you can watch public timeline, who tries to find people with similar interests.Even you can track a keyword on Twitter to see the other people about a given topic.

Select the keyword or words for you want to track on Twitter and can track many keywords.You can enter one of those keywords at a time.Enter the track word and word is the keyword to track.Type the Twitter web Interfaceby instant messaging program.Twitter interface application as Twhirl.Track multiple keywords by repeating this process until all the keywords are tracked.
Track username by using own updates where the USERNAME is the Twitter ID.Tracks in to the interface to get a list of keywords and you are tracking right now.Enter the untrack word to stop tracking a certain keyword and can stop tracking all keywords and to stop all tracking,type untrack.
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