How To write a Crispy and Eye catchy Blog post title?

I have completed many series postshere and its been a long time I posted about blogging tips orethics, so today I am going to teach you on how to write a crispy and eye catchy blog post title. As you know, blog post titles are the first thing that gets noticed on your blog and blog post title is the king of your blog posts that even plays a powerful role in attracting organic traffic when a web surfer searches for a keyword in Google or any other search engine. So you must be more wise and smart while writing a blog post title. Spending some time to write a powerful blog post title is always worth spending. So let us learn few important key notes today on writing a powerful eye catchy blog post titles.

How To write attractive / eye catchy blog post title

#1. Top list

Try to write blog post titles featuring in top lists, for ex:- ‘5 adsense alternatives’ is a bad practice where as ‘Top 5 adsense alternatives‘ is a most inspiring one. There are maximum chances that these type of blog posts will be always bookmarked by users. So try to feature your blog post title with top 5, top 10, top 100 lists and that’s more eye catchy thing.

#2. How To

Just like top lists, How to’s will be more powerful and  more possibly the internet surfers always searches for how to’s, so that’s gonna boost organic traffic to your blog and also help you in catching users attention towards your blog post as you can see, this blog post title is nothing but an how to guide. How to write a crispy blog post title is more convenient and inspiring one than ‘write a crispy blog post title’, isn’t it?? :).

#3. Representing Expression

Don’t write your post titles like nothing but a line of sentence. Show some expression in it, use question mark, exclamatory, hyphen whenever necessary. Starting a blog post title with ‘how to’ and ending it with a ‘?’ mark is one of the best practice and it really have a great impact on readers mind. As the internet users search for how to guides finding a solution for it, a blog post title with how to at beginning and question mark at the end will sure gonna gain the user attention among various search results.

#4. Targeting a particular topic

Your blog post title must be highly targeted about a particular topic and it must never be confusing to the readers. Write your blog post titles eagle eye targeted on a topic and make sure to keep your blog post content too targeted on that particular topic.

#5. Maintain word count

Each and every bloggers will have a bulk lines of headings while writing a blog post title, it doesn’t mean that you write a lengthy blog post title and that’s gonna stand at the front page of Google. Your blog post title must be no more than 70 characters in limit. Maintain the limit and utilize it well.

#6. Keep it simple and descriptive

Writing an blog post title with an extraordinary English will keep the readers away more than attracting the readers. Only few of excellent readers might get interested with your blog post title where as the maximum number of readers throughout the  world expect the blog posts with normal English and your extraordinary post title might get them scared away.

#7. Don’t forget to keep it keyword optimized

With respect to search engine optimization, don’t forget to include 2 or 3 keywords in your blog post title. Writing a blog post title is a kind of art where you must consider both readers and search bots. Your complete blog post must be keyword optimized to get good standings in search engines. It must be convincing to both readers and search bots.

#8. Curiosity in post titles gains more attention

Are you expert in bringing curiosity in peoples?. If so, use it wisely in your blog post titles and your talent will surely gonna be worth here. Your blog post titles must be so curious that the user can never neglect your blog post at any cost. Writing a curios blog post titles is the king practice among any other kinds of blog post titles including how to’s or top lists.  

#9. Try to be Unique

Finally you need to be unique while writing post titles right!. Try using unique words and ms word is gonna help you in this. Type your word in MS-word and right click –> choose synonyms and it will get you alternate words with exact meaning. Try to be unique as much as possible.


Suppose you have written a complete blog post in half an hour and you took 1 hour to write a blog post title, there is no amazing thing in it. You have well planned your time for writing a perfect blog post. Hope this blog post helps each and every one of you. Happy blogging..

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