How To Write SEO Rich Articles

To become a modern freelancer writer, search to write for search engine optimized SEO rich articles, which is a very significant thing to do.SEO rich articles can be found in the website and these articles are placed in search engines.Select two to three keyword phraseswhich should be included in the article.These keywords are the terms that will use for SEO.

The article along with normal information should be written and that flow and voice wil be the main points of concern.The article should be edited to add SEO keyword phrases.You can add phrases of your choice.SEO title should be added that includes the phrase.
SEO rich article includes a keyword density of 0.5 % to 5 % and figure out the keyword density.Keyword is the main tool to enhance the article.Keyword frequency should be counted and divide the total number of words by creating your percentage.

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