Importing Your Blog Into Facebook

What else can be the best platform other than facebook for the bloggers to popularize their blog posts. Every one in the world today is aware of the increasing popularity of facebook. Facebook allows you to share your views with the world. This really helps you in the best way in promoting your blog. This way you can make your blog posts to reach all your friends.

In this article you will know about how to import your blog posts into facebook.
Some of the most important features of facebook are the buttons like “share” and “like”. Sharing allows your posts to appear in the recent feeds of your friends, which can be viewed by them. In this way all your post including your thoughts and  other stuff like videos and pics can reach thousands of people. If any of the viewers like your post then this will be known to the people in their list. This way it can reach all the people in facebook. If you import your blog into facebook, your blog gets a huge popularity. You don’t need to share each post of your blog every time into facebook, once your blog is imported into facebook all your blog posts directly appear on facebook, when you publish them.

How To Import Your Blogs Into Facebook?

To import your blog posts into facebook, you are provided with the application known as ‘Notes’ on facebook. This application allows you to share your views and also makes you to publish them in the form of a plain note. This is done with the help of a in-built function which is used to share your posts from your blog by importing them through an RSS feed link.
To achieve this, first explore the Notes application on facebook and there you can find a link like “Edit Settings”. Hit it so as to open a new page and there you need to type the RSS feed link of your blog. After that the process will be completed successfully by clicking the ‘Import Blog’. Now all your blog posts will be displayed on facebook news feed in the form of entries.
what are you waiting for? Start importing your blog into facebook and know your blog followers.
I wish the article has helped you in knowing about how to import your blog into facebook.

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