Marketing an Online Business – How to Get Tons of Free Traffic and Boost Sales in 48hrs or Less

Are you struggling to get quality traffic to your website? Is marketing an online business costing you more money than you are making? Follow this step-by-step traffic generation guide and get an endless supply of free quality customers ready to buy.

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Marketing an online business – How to get all the free traffic you want and boost sales in 48hrs or less
Step # 1 Increase Traffic To Your Website The Easy Way
Forget all the confusing and misleading junk you have read online about website traffic. Search engines will give you all the free traffic you can handle if you give them what they want.
Search engines like Google want consumer focused keyword optimized content. By building web pages that meet the needs of your target audience, you will naturally rank higher and receive tons of free traffic.
Wasting time with the latest SEO tricks and schemes will only get your website banned from the search engines. Marketing an online business is about technique, not tricks.
My quality content has always been rewarded with high search engine rankings. Yes, it will take more time to write high quality content, but in this business quality generates more long-term cash.
Step # 2 Boost Your Sales With Rich Pre-Selling Content
Pre-selling is simply building a relationship with your prospects. Deeply understanding their needs and wants. Then giving them exactly what they want how they want it.
Practice writing articles that answer your prospects questions precisely. INCOMPLETE information is USELESS information and damages your reputation as an authority in your niche.
By sharing your real life knowledge regarding a topic, your prospects grow to know you better. People will want to buy from you because they like you and trust your recommendations.
Step # 3 Quick Simple Navigation Is The Key!
Keep It Simple!
Don’t crowd your content with frivolous distractions. Contrary to popular belief, most customers I’ve surveyed prefer simple website designs.
If your visitor is confused and can’t figure out how to navigate your website – they will leave forever. Design your web pages to spotlight your content.
Once they read the content that got them to your website they will naturally read more of your web pages.
Create keyword focused content that pulls in free traffic. Pre-sell with useful information so your visitors click on your recommendations ready to buy.
NEW Action Plan!
  • Invest in a high quality keyword tool, “free” tools are unreliable and mediocre.
  • Start writing problem solving articles that compliment the product or service you offer.
  • Track everything. Eliminate what doesn’t work and increase what does work.
  • Find one reliable internet marketing resource to learn from. Information over-load will kill your online business.
Now you know what to do, are you ready to get started?

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