RSS Traffic The Insider Secrets Revealed

Thousands of bloggers are still struggling to find a way to increase their RSS traffic. If you have been one of these people, you are very lucky to have come across this article. This is a compilation of secrets that have been leaked by some of the most successful bloggers of our time. Saying what these tips will do for you would be understating, you need to try them practically.

rss feeds traffic

Capture your readers’ attention

You have to make your blog posts so attractive that no one would want to go away before knowing what is in there. The secret to do that is to have attention grabbing headlines. If you come up with a catchy headline, readers will want to know what lies under those titles and that is your chance to get hold of them. Just give them killer content and the next thing they will do is rush to the RSS subscription button.

Hint readers on what’s coming next

Arouse your readers’ appetite for your post. After giving them some nice content, make them know that that is just one in a series of great posts to follow. You do not have to preempt to your readers everything that you will be posting next; it’s not time for the post yet. The point is to just make them anticipate reading your next post. With this simple trick, you would be surprised at the RSS traffic you will be getting.

Meet readers in feed directories

There are some RSS feed directories that are being frequently visited by people searching for interesting feeds. Since you are confident about the quality of your content, go right ahead and submit your feed to these directories. In doing this, you will not only get increased web traffic but also targeted traffic since these are readers who subscribe to your feeds because they like it.

Remind readers that they should not miss the next post

Some readers may find very interesting content on your blog but still not remember to subscribe to your RSS. Making such readers sing up to your RSS is as simple as reminding them that they would not miss your next post if they subscribed to your RSS feeds. You remind them by having a large noticeable RSS button where all can easily see. To on to put up a page on your website that talks about your RSS feeds and the benefits of subscribing.

Tap traffic from popular blogs

Have you heard about guest blogs? These are blogs that you write for popular blogs that have high traffic. Can you see the secret of increasing RSS traffic through this technique? It is simple; you are allowed to post a link to your website or blog with the guest blog. Since we are talking about a high traffic blog, you will most likely get many leads which you can convert into your RSS subscribers.

Tap the great advantage of using social media websites

You must have known that social media websites are some of the websites that have traffic to the tune of millions per day. You should consider using these social platforms to get more web traffic and communicate with your potential readers.

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