Stock Market SEO Exchange

SEO stands for seasoned or secondary equity offering with reference to the stock market.Thisseasoned equity offering is the sale of the additional shares by a company where the shares are already publicly traded.SEO is also known as secondary market offering.This exchange is a market place for securities, commodities, derivatives and other financial instruments which are traded.

stock market seo exchange

The main purpose of the exchange is to provide a place for public trading and accurate price information on securities is being traded.These exchanges provide companies, governments and other groups to sell securities for investing public.SEO is a registered offering for a large portion of security that was issued to public for sale.These are organised by large investors or institutions.
SEO is an advantage for secondary market and is not the primary market.Secondary market means investors buy securities from other investors.These are better than the companies that issue the securities.New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ are the secondary markets.
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