Subscribing to an RSS Feed

The use of RSS has become popular among many webmasters. RSS is a technology that involves providing readers with news and recent updates. One advantage of this technology is that it is not affected by spam and therefore the content is delivered.
subscribe to an rss feeds

The main objective behind using RSS technology is to market a website or a blog. The readers have to make use of an RSS reader in order to subscribe for their preferred RSS feeds. The RSS readers are available in different types with the most common being the desktop applications and web based aggregators. Other types of RSS readers include the plug-in aggregator, the email client aggregator and the mobile device aggregator. The RSS readers can be downloaded free of charge from the web.

The desktop applications comprise of all the RSS subscriptions and are available on the web. One does not have to receive irrelevant information since they have an opportunity to subscribe to a particular feed that interest them. The main advantage of the RSS feeds is that one does not have to get information forced on them. With the desktop application, one is able to classify the desktop feeds that they subscribe to. Once the RSS desktop application reader is open, it will automatically update all the new postings that you have subscribed to. It is worth noting that the publisher has total control of the content that is placed on the feeds.

The web based aggregators are also available online and make it possible for one to subscribe to the RSS feeds. One can gain access to the RSS feeds that are show cased on the webpage with the use of an internet browser like Firefox. The Google reader is a good example of a web based aggregator.

In order to make a subscription to an RSS feed, the starting point would be to identify an RSS icon on the site you visit. In most cases the icon will be displayed at the top of the home page with some websites even going as far as displaying the icon on every other web page. Once you have identified the RSS icon on the site, open up the feed and locate the URL. Go ahead to copy and paste the URL to the RSS reader of your choice and then make a subscription.
Most of the web browsers like internet explorer and Firefox will have the automatic discovery feature that enables the RSS feeds to make automatic detections of the new feeds. You will identify the RSS icon on the left of the URL. The simple procedure would be to click on the RSS icon so as to get to the most updated RSS feeds. After making your subscription, you will be able to be to see the latest news and developments in your areas of interest.

The procedure of subscribing to an RSS feed is quite easy and most importantly it comes at no cost.

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