The 4 Steps to Increase Website Traffic

Internet traffic is the lifeblood of every website. The mere existence of a website does not guarantee visitors nor does it’s visual design automatically increase website traffic. Correct website architecture is only one of several factors essential for traffic generation, making search engine optimization (SEO) a constant strategy for website success.
Increase website traffic 4 step

Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic
Except for the most aggressive marketing or PPC campaigns, much of a website’s traffic will come from search engine results that Internet users click to find specific products or services. The top 10 search results are without doubt the most profitable as Internet users often look no further than the first page of search results. The main purpose of SEO is to steer a web page to the top of search results using strategies that make it more visible to search engine crawlers.
Research keywords: Every search starts with a phrase or group of words typed into the search field. While there are tools that measure the popularity of keywords, the starting point of keyword research is often brainstorming and competitor research. Internet marketers must have a good grasp of the business in order to come up with an initial list of targeted keywords.
Improve link structures: Search engine crawlers and robots are automated programs that go around the Internet in search of fresh content for indexing and storing. The crawlers view specific data found at the back-end of a web page, index them for later retrieval. A web page with a simple and clear hierarchy of links and a structure that is easily crawled tends to rank better than one that is too intricate for the search engine crawlers or robots to follow.
Use HTML text format: Images, flash files and Java applets are not visible to search engine spiders. Search bots prefer to view text in HTML codes and readily index these for later retrieval. If a web page must use other file types such as images, its targeted keywords must be incorporated in the ALT attributes which are visible to the search crawlers. Wherever possible, include a text transcript of audio or video files.
Create high quality content: Search engines such as Google and Yahoo display search results according to relevance and popularity. Hundreds of factors influence relevance but Google emphasizes high quality, legitimate and credible content in its latest algorithm change. As a result of the content farm update, web pages with duplicate or mass-produced content were downgraded or removed from search results.
No single technique can immediately increase website traffic. It takes time, constant review, combined SEO practices and website analysis to generate heavy streams of traffic.

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