The Free Way To Generate Website Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website – and more so if it is a website set up for an e-business. Costs are always a concern, particularly for new marketers, so learning the best free way to generate website traffic has to be a boon.
Free website traffic

Not that there isn’t a cost – but it is affordable – not in money – but in time and effort!
Article marketing is a key means available for any budget that can create very significant traffic to a website or landing page.
It does mean that you have to learn the ‘art’ of article writing – but it isn’t difficult! You do not have to write great literature – more, rather good quality content that is clear and easy to understand – and which offers expertise and tips in the targeted niche.
Advertising campaigns can be both expensive and difficult to master the way sales copy is best formulated.
Article writing, on the other hand, is an easy learning curve for the average person. All you have to do is deliver keyword rich content that is compelling and then publish it across leading and reputable ezines.
Getting Started
Your aim is to impress readers – if they are, they will continue to read your work and also more likely to follow-up on your links respond to your call to action. This is the beginning of building your list. Readers will be happy if you are on a topic they are interested in and look to for ideas or solutions.
By giving good quality content based on expert research and knowledge – and in a conversational easy manner – you will appeal to readers who hopefully will want more from you.
Finding The Right Audience
How do you get the right people to find your articles? Obviously if you are writing about gardening niches, you don’t want an audience seeking home repair tips.
This is where it is necessary to learn and apply good SEO for your article writing. Grasping the basis of search engine optimization will help your article be found by readers interested in the same topic. That is it won’t lead DIY folks to your gardening topic to use the above example.
Now many topics or niches are highly competitive and have huge amounts of resources on the search engine pages – and you want yours to be one of the first or top five.
The way to differentiate your article and be more unique is by using what are called long-tailed keywords – in the title, headings and within the actual article – and then use variations of this a few times more in the content.
These long tail keywords are less competitive. You can use a tool like Google’s keyword tool to discover the demand and supply levels of various keywords (terms and phrases). The best are high demand and low supply.
Keep writing articles – two to five a day and build up a good sized body of work.
You can refer to previous related articles by yourself in the resource box. Publish and distribute to reputable ezines, which is the best free way to generate website traffic.

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