Tips To Avoid Auto Blogs Copy Your Articles From Your WordPress Blog

Are you frustrated form auto blogs, which copied your content from your blog. You can Avoid Auto Blogs from Copying Your Articles by using below tricks. If you have a new blog or not very popular then there every change that your content is copied by Auto Blogs ,Auto blogs are not blogger means they taken blog content from others blogs. They are using other blogs Rss Feeds to post article and they don’t even give credit to original author. You can find this type website easily just copy some portions of your post and search in Google you will find one or two website having same content likes yours.

Avoid Auto Blogs Copy Your Articles From Your WordPress Blog

What happens if your original article available all around the web many search engine may have trouble to find which one is true source. What happen when search engine discovers the copy content before original one? These types blog are called Blog Scrapers, Sploggers, and Copycats.

There are two-way to Avoid Auto Blogs Copy Your Articles.

1.Editing Functions.php.

Open your WordPress theme then go to Theme Functions.php open Theme Functions.php in notepad or with any other text editor. Then paste

Carefully pasted the code. Before editing this file do take backup of Theme Functions.php. The code adds two links in your rss feed one to your blog post and other to your main blog.

2.RSS footer Plugin

You can use RSS footer Plugin by yoast, This plugin generated a back link to your original article in your Rss if any auto blog copied your content and pasted on his site it shows a link of your original article at the footer of that article.

If your content scraping by your RSS feed, you should start using this plugin.

Use Summary feed option for your Rss Feed in place of full text Rss Feed. It is not possible to completely stop Auto Blogs form copying your content you can minimize content theft damage by using above tips.

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