Use Twitter With Your Cell Phone

The micro blogging site and social networking site known as Twitter can send updates and tweets to the site through various methods like website, IM, cell phone and a third party program.The updates are broadcasted to everyone or to your circle.Also you can receive updates through SMS or through cell phone

First step is to go for and join for free link.Now go to the settings link on the top of the page.Select the phone and IM link on the page.Now enter in the cell phone by including your area code.Also enter your phone number in the text box and hit the save button.If you are interested to receive the updates on the cell phone from Twitter, click for “its okay for Twitter to send text messages” to my phone.STD rates and conditions apply.
Now wait until Twitter sends you a message and update Twitter by sending text messages from your cell phone.Receive updates and get text messages from Twitter to your friends and send your updates.
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