What is a Blog?

The term blogs are very familiar among Internet users, especially those who are actively surfing in search of various information in cyberspace. Even so, not a little who was still confused when asked what a blog is. Personally, I define blog as a forum for disseminating various information in the form of messages that include opinions, analyzes and other types of digital data for cyberspace on a generalized and sustainable basis. Unlimited content coverage, can be text, images, videos or even a complicated graphic format.

what is blog

Seen from the scale, the blog can be considered as another form of site or site but with a smaller, more minimalist, cheaper and even free. It is influenced by the people who use it, the scope of the content and the purpose of the manufacturing. At the beginning of its popularity, blogs are more widely used by individuals or small groups of people with similar interests. That's why most of the generated writings review some topics of interest to its users. Not even a few who just go through very narrow niches, such as blogs about photography, hiking, some martial arts and the like.

But like the development of Internet technology, blogs are not just used by individuals. Many large-scale media have started to be attracted to the blog as a means of providing information, whether it be products, services, profiles or promotions. This condition gradually disguises the difference between blog and website.

History of Blog
According to some sources, blog is synonymous with weblog. The beginning of the term weblog, blog or iteration occurred in the 90s. At the time, there were already many platforms broadcast in cyberspace and they were the precursor of current blogging platforms, including Usenet, Genie , BIZ, CompuServe and Bulletin Board System (BBS).

The term blog was invented by Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997. Later shortened to blog by Peter Merholz who started intense adopting these terms on his personal website, Peterme.com in 1999. But long before the true blogdikenal term, some people like Justin Hall and Jerry Pournelle started spreading his writing through his personal website, although at the time the term blog was not widely used.

Open the emergence blog Journal of the modern era began in 1998, on this platform and people began to recognize the term blog commentary where readers can leave their opinions in writing the owner of the blog. Open Diary is also presented as the first generation of friendship sites because of the diusungnya community concept.

In 1999, a new blog service called Blogger.com was founded by Pyra Labs. In the same year also born blog service LiveJournal and Pitas.com. However the Blogger.com service is what many roles for the development of the blog world so many people named "Blogger" used as a nickname for people who are struggling or who have a blog. Since 2003, the official blogger belongs to Google and this acquisition further elevate the bloggingsebab world a number of high-end features already made for free by its new owner.

On Blogger.com, users can register themselves and create domains with addresses that can be set automatically. Once registered, users then get a dashboard panel that will make the media do the writing, uploading photos, creating pages and even designing their own main view blog. One of the benefits presented by Blogger.com is the flexibility to create as many new blogs without having to create a new account.

While Blogger.com is at its peak, there is a newer, more recent WordPress.com service developed by Automattic. Like Blogger, this service also offers free subdomains to users with premium upgrade options.

WordPress.com also gives users the freedom to set their own subdomain address. In each blog, there will be a separate admin area whose function becomes a place for Blogger to manage the content of its blog. Like creating new articles, adding pages, categories, organizing the sidebar, uploading photos and inserting videos. During Automattic then released WordPress.org, a different entity targeting developers and independent Blogger. Learn more about what WordPress is on this link.
Seven years after the birth of Blogger, another new service called Tumblr has been developed by David Karp. When it appeared, Tumblr was considered the new generation of blogging world. It offers a different concept of Blogger or WordPress.com, where the developer adds some kind of connection between users as a site of friendship. The features and flexibility of its customization are also most favored by younger subjects. No wonder the majority of Tumblr loyal users are teenagers under 25 years old. But now, Tumblr is under the banner of post-Yahoo acquired in 2013 there is.
In addition to WordPress.com and Tumblr, it remains a line platformblog that offers pretty much the same features, such as Technorati, Blogsome, webs, blogs and so much more.

What are the advantages of the blog?
Like the definition, the blog has several key benefits:
  • Published articles can take the form of opinions, diaries, stories, news, analysis or fiction and non-fiction.
  • Express yourself through images or videos
  • Meet people with similar interests
  • Media Promotion
  • Personal and corporate profiles
  • Organizational and individual communication media
  • Distribution of hobbies
  • Earn money.

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