what is RSS feeds?

RSS came into the market quite a number of years back though it did not receive the recognition it deserves. However, with each passing day, RSS technology is becoming increasingly common among the webmasters. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. Others refer to RSS as Real Simple Syndication. With this technology in place, the publishers and the webmasters are able to reach out to prospective clients with the use of informative summaries. The approach entails providing regular news updates to the subscribers. The beauty about this approach is that the publisher has total control of the content provided while on the other hand the end user gets to select what topics interests him or her. The popularity of the RSS feeds can be attributed to the fact that the content will definitely be delivered to the end user. This assurance is in place because RSS content is not filtered.
what is rss feed

The web plays host to thousands and thousands of websites which greatly increases on the competition levels. Content is very essential as it determines the effectiveness of your website. Webmasters are constantly striving to come up with new and fresh content for their visitors. RSS can be used to provide new information on the web.
The RSS feeds are made in XML format that happens to be a rather easy markup language. It makes use of labels in a bid to locate the different fields. The webmasters should be creative enough to come up with catchy titles and summaries. The feeds should be continuous and be able to supply a stream of automated new information.
RSS provides the webmasters with an opportunity to publish new, relevant and informative content on their sites. This has a positive effect on encouraging the users to come back. The content has to be regularly updated which in turn has a positive effect on improving the page rankings on the search engine. The fact that the new feeds are delivered automatically to the subscribers eliminates the hustle of having to delete a lot of emails.
RSS is not only beneficial to the webmasters but also it has numerous benefits to the internet surfers. The news sent on the RSS feeds is consolidated and thus the reader can quickly go through the headlines and get to read articles of their choice. Since the data is singled out in one location, it saves the reader a lot of time as he or she can go through a lot of data quickly. The readers also get to select the information that they would want to receive. This implies that the reader is in control of the information he or she gets and therefore the issue of spam is totally eliminated. In a nutshell, RSS will provide the users with an easy avenue to identify the data they require condense it and classify it within a short period of time.
In order to view the RSS feeds, one has to have an RSS reader. There are different types of RSS readers available which include the web based aggregator, desktop application, plug-in aggregator, email client reader and the mobile reader. It is without a shadow of a doubt that RSS technology is here to stay.
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