What RSS Feeds Can Do

Really simple syndication could help you increase web traffic. RSS could help you get your readers to keep on coming back to your site because they know that there will be something new and updated in there for them. It is also an easy and cost effective way to share your content to other sites. But you must be wise in using RSS. There are certain advantages and disadvantages in using the feeds depending on how it is being used. This is why web site owners and bloggers are being advised to be wise on choosing the right feeds and choosing the right website for their contents to be associated with.
what rss feed can do

What are the things you must carefully consider if you want to increase your web traffic through RSS? Many publishers and blog owners use the RSS feeds to keep their sites fresh, they use other publishers’ feeds into their blog or site. This strategy, though is cost effective for publishers, it has some drawbacks and possible risks. These risks arise when the content of the feed added to a blog is far superior than the publisher’s content or it has nothing in relation to the core activity of the site where it has been added.
In such a scenario, readers can just ignore your feed if it seems to be uninteresting, what would be the other things your readers can do if the feed content got nothing to do with your site core activity or their interest? They might look for other sites that can keep them updated because your RSS feed did not interest them. And what if your feeds are really interesting? Your readers might get more interested with them than with the contents of your site resulting in readers backing away from your site to the site where they always see your feed. This is why it is extremely important that your content match up your feed and your RSS feeds with your content.
By giving your site’s content as a feed to a certain site, there is also a great possibility that you generate traffic from it. The principle here is; the more RSS subscribers that subscribe to the feed of the site where your content is being fed, the more possibilities that you can get traffic out of that site. What you must remember is that you have to let your content be fed to a site that is with the same interest as the content of yours because most of the visitors to that web site might get interested with your site and become your regular visitors.
As a publisher of content, it is very important to judge clearly where you want your feed to be published; the aim is not just the quantity of the sites that are using your feed but the quality of these sites matter far more. You have to value the core business of these sites and make sure that they do not harm your brand directly or indirectly. Also, make sure when you select a certain feed to publish in your blog or site, it should add value to your core business. This is one of the ways to keep getting targeted stream of web traffic.

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