It’s Not Always Your ISP – Factors That Affect Your Broadband Internet Speed

Speed is a very important factor that a lot of us consider today when trying to choose a broadband internet service and it affects our purchase decision to a great extent. A lot of people will happily pay twice the price of an internet connection just to get better speeds and that is why so many people find it really frustrating not to be able to get the internet speed they paid for.
It can be really frustrating to be promised a particular internet speed by your ISP only to give it a try and get something else. However, it is also very important for you to realize that the problem isn’t always with your ISP. The fact that you aren’t getting the internet speed you paid for doesn’t mean your ISP is cheating you and this article will be giving you a few more tips you should look into whenever your internet connection is behaving slow.Here are the few factors that affect your broadband internet speed  and solve your slow internet speed problems by these few tips.

The Location Your Internet Connection Is Being Used

When it comes to the real internet speed you will be getting it is very important for you to realize that there will be a great difference between the speed your ISP promises and the speed you get. One of the major factors that influence internet speed is the location of your ISP base station compared to your own location – that means if you’re trying to use a super fast internet connection in a rural area you might not get the same speed as those people using the same service in a developed area as those people will be closer to the location of the ISP.

The Capacity Of Your Computer

Another factor that can determine how fast your internet connection will be is the capacity of your computer. It is very important to realize that someone using the latest computer with a solid RAM memory will get faster internet access than someone with an old computer – this has nothing to do with the ISP, it is simply because the computer is not solid enough to deliver on the speed promised by the ISP.

The Location Of The Website Server You’re Trying To Access

The final factor you need to realize has a great influence on how fast your internet connection will be is something that has nothing to do with you. That is exactly why some websites load faster than other websites when accessed with the same internet connection.
For example, if a particular website is hosted in India and you have a 1mbps broadband internet connection – you will be able to load the website faster if your ISP is in India compared to if your ISP is in the US.
The question now is how do you know if your internet speed is really what it is supposed to be? In my own experience that can be really difficult, but the only way to be sure is by doing regular internet speed test of your internet service. There are many websites to help you with this, and two of my favorite websites are and

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