Www.gmail.com Signup | Gmail.com Login / Sign in | Create New Account

www.gmail.com / gmail.com signup and gmail login info: Here is the complete step to step guide for you to create account in www,gmail.com . Here you can learn gmail login signup. Here we are also providing some best steps to secure your www.gmail.com account with 2-step verification and also some easy methods for gmail.com login. Many newbies don’t know how to signup for gmail.com, so here i am adding gmail login Create new account process to create google account in Mobile App and Desktop. If you want to download google Mail app on your android phone, then you can download gmail sign up app apk  from Play Store in gmail android app And App Store IOs For Apple Iphone check below for more details explained clearly about it…

Www.gmail.com Signup | Gmail.com Login / Sign in | Create New Account

gmail.com Login / www Gmail com signup And new features :  

www.gmail.com For years people have been using internet to communicate in a much faster manner with mailing / mail server, Internet has changed the face of communication. Hotmail, Yahoo and many more servers were used to send, receive and store emails, but in 2004 Google introduced Gmail. Since then Gmail.com has revolutionized how communication over the internet is conducted. It has made communicated much faster, better, reliable and easy to manage. Every day new and new features are added to Gmail in order to make it more easily accessible and user friendly. Over the years, Gmail interface has incorporated many other services and products such as Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google+, Google Buzz and Youtube. follow the details below for more options in gmail.com

The gmail account is also made available as part of Google Apps, it is also important to have a Gmail account in order to use your Android mobile phones. Initially gmail offered only 1 GB free memory per user, but later in order to beat its competitors Gmailcom upgraded their memory standard to 3-4 GB per user. At the moment Gmail offers 15 GB storage that is to be shared across Google Photos, Gmail.com and Google Drive. However, if you get your account through a school or office you get minimum 30 GB of storage.

www.gmail.com is the best possible website to store and arrange all your emails. It is perhaps the only server that deals with prioritizing your emails. No longer do you sit down for hours and search for your mails or delete the unwanted mails. Gmail.com does that for you, it has introduced the priority inbox. A box that will contain only those mails that are marked as important, the rest of the mails will either go to social or promotional folder.
Since Google’s basic objective to is to make Gmail the only source of sending and receiving emails, thus it makes sure that Gmail login has a very user friendly interface. It is very easy to sign up for Gmail. Below we have listed some basic steps to create Gmail account.

Steps to create a Gmail.com account:

To create your Gmail account, you need an any web browser and an internet connection. Type http://www.gmail.com in browser address bar it will redirected to Google account. you will get a page like sign into continue to Gmail with your Google account. You will now be in the sign in section, as you don’t have Google account yet, you need to create a new one. click on that create an account link.

after click on that link, you will get an online form like create your Google account. Fill the required fields in that form. once you entered your first name&last name then you should choose your gmail login name. This name will decide the email address that you will get.

For choosing that login name, you will spend a little time over on it. That email address should be unique. which means no 2 people in the world can have the same email address. You can try out that login name using your first name&last name with numbers and periods.google may have to check the availability of username that you entered.

To secure your Gmail e-mail account you need to choose a strong password. It may be uppercase or lower case letters with some digits. You need to type the password twice, then fill out the rest of your information. click on that next step button.

once pop-up window appeared like Terms and Conditions on the screen, you cannot continue if do not agree with the privacy policy. take the time to read the entire privacy policy. so that you are aware of what Google can and cannot do with your personal information, click on that I Agree button.

Then Google verify your account, so you need to provide your mobile number. this is only for account security,google will never share your number with other companies or use it for marketing purposes next you need to select a checkbox i.e;text message or voice call. why because,google will send a text message to your mobile. you need to provide your Google verification code on that text box. your Gmail.com account has been created, you can click the continue to Gmail button to return to gmail.you should be automatically logged in no matter which Google site you visit.

  • The first step is to visit www.gmail.com
  • Once there, click Create Account.
  • You will be directed to another page where you will need to fill in basic information such as name, birthday, phone number, Id and password. Once you fill the form click on Next step button.
  • You will get a popup saying “Account Created” Congratulation your account is ready to use. Enjoy Gmail experience.
  • Now just go to www.gmail.com again and sign-in by putting in your email address and password and enjoy email services.

Gmail.com login offers a wide range of features and with every passing day, it adds on more and more amazing features. Here Below You Can Check gmail login and gmail.com features

Gmail.com Amazing Features :

Undo Gmail.com that has been spent:
What if you have accidently sent a flirty message to your parent instead of your partner? How to get rid of the embarrassment? Gmail is the only mailing account that allows you to undo a sent mail within 30 seconds. Once you realize you have sent a wrong mail, all you have to click on the undo option and your mail will not be sent.
Easy to Block People: Gmail has made is really easy to block mails form all the unwanted people.

Gmail.com Customizable themes: Now you can define the way your Gmail account should look like. www.gmail.com allows you to customize the overall appearance of your account. You can select from a wide range of Gmail themes. Make your Gmail.com as personal as you want it to be.

Hangouts: In order to compete with Skype, Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger, Gmail has come up with hangout application. It is video gathering program that allows you to add up to 10 people in one conversation. However, the limit is removed is now.

Login in multiple accounts at the same time: Gmail allows you to add more than one account. It provides you the facility of switching between accounts i.e. you don’t have to logout from one account in order to login into another account. You can remain login-ed in multiple accounts at the same time.

Secure Account: More and more use of internet has led to increase in IP spoofing, hacking and stealing password. Many a times we come to know that our account has been hacked, therefore it is very important that you stay cautions. Unlike other email accounts, Gmail takes security very seriously. There are different layers of security in order to make your data safe. Below we have listed the ten steps to make your account on Gmail.com secure.

Here the step 2 verification setup – gmail.com more secure

  • 2-Step Verification
  • Enable HTTP Security
  • Check Granted Account Access
  • Check your POP/IMAP, Forwarding and Filter
  • Remove unauthorized access
  • It is important that you track account activity
  • Clinch to security plugins
  • Improve you security question’s answer
  • Create a very strong password. Make sure your password has a capital letter, special letter, numeric and small case letter.
  • Never give your password to anyone. We mean it NEVER!!!

gmail.com SEO Optimization :

Since more and more people are joining the world of Gmail, thus it has attracted a large number of spammers. In 2010 to 2011, Gmail reached its highest number of SEO spamming, however the company has come up with effective techniques in order to get rid of these spams. Every now and then they update their system. The new SEO RANK Smart allows Gmail.com to differentiate between spam mails and mails that are original. Gmail.com has been working really hard in order to overcome this problem and the company has managed to do resolve this problem to quite an extent.

How to delete Gmail.com Account :

Deleting a Gmail account is as easy as creating one. All you have to do is login into your Gmail id and from there

How To Delete Gmail.com Account Permanently

  • click on the top right corner>
  • click on account >
  • products>
  • Edit>
  • delete account.
  • This will delete your account, however you can recovery your account within a short time. In order to recover your account all you have to do is visit www.gmail.com, put in your password and email id. Your account will automatically be reactivated.

You Can Easily Delete Your Gmail.com Login Account For That Follow These Simple Steps 🙂


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