10 Tricks Of Using Google+ To Improve SEO Rankings

Google+ has evolved as one of the biggest competitors of Facebook, with more than 1 Billion registered users and around half Billion active users per month. The Biggest advantage of using Google+ over Facebook is that Google+ is more important and giving more value to SEO. Growth of Google+ is really very impressive in these three years. Check out this Google+ growth graph

Social Media Users In 2013
Here we are sharing some points to keep in mind while using Google+ to make your experience awesome.

Complete all your profile Information

Complete all the sections of your profile. Include your website link in your about me introduction, It provides a link which passes value to your website. Provide your website name and URL in contributor section. Also provide website name with proper anchor text in Links section in Google+. Providing complete details about yourself helps users to recognize you as a genuine person and it helps in increasing the number of circles.

Share Your Content

Share unique content with proper hash tags so that users can recognize an article’s category easily. It helps in increasing traffic, re-sharing of your content, +1’s for your content as well as improve your author rank. Content sharing provides link juice from other profiles to your profiles and helps in improve page rank of Google+ profile. Use images in your posts, it increase re-sharing and +1’s for your posts. A recent study by Moz reveals that re-sharing and +1’s have a direct impact on search rankings of post.              

Get Do-follow links from Google+

Google+ profiles have Page Ranks, so content shared on Google+ passes page rank. More valuable the content, more number of re-shares and +1’s will be, which results in increase of Author rank as well as the page rank of the profile. Links shared on Google+ are do-follow links, So always write valuable content and share on Google+ to get do-follow links to your website. When your content is re-shared by other users on their wall, then it passes link juice from their profile to your profile.

Join your Niche Communities

Google+ communities are a very good way to express your views, ask questions about particular topics, share your content etc. Join Communities related to your website niche and share your content among users. It helps you to find friends and followers in your niche with common interests. Always share your content among relevant users otherwise you may get banned from Google for spamming activities.

Create Google+ Page for your Brand

Increase your Brand Awareness among Google+ users and your followers by creating a Google+ page for your Brand. Use rel=publisher markup for taking publisher rights of your website content and link your website with your brand page.

Interact with users

Interact with others by sharing their content, commenting on other users’ posts, reply to comments on your posts and hangout sessions. Sharing other’s content is also very important because it helps increasing your friends. Always tag your friends while sharing posts, It helps in increasing interaction, +1’s, re-shares and more traffic to your posts.

Be Active and Regular

Regular sharing of your content on Google+ helps your website get cache as well as index faster. So keep updating and sharing your content on Google+ for faster & regular indexing of your website pages & posts.

Have More Number of Followers

If any user is following you on Google+ and searching something on Google.com while logged into Google.com. Then your search results will be shown on higher positions. So having more number of followers is beneficial for your search results rankings as well as  increasing traffic to your website.

Implement Authorship 

Link your website to your Google+ profile using rel=author markup and let your image shown up in search results, It helps in increasing click-through rates. In coming months, Google is going to give more importance and priority to the website who’ve implemented Authorship on their website. .

Write Long Descriptive Posts on Google+

Write High quality Unique content with Optimized title, Descriptions, Proper hash tags on Google+, and there are chances of your Google+ post ranking in the top results in Google SERP’s.  These days, Google has started ranking Google+ profile posts, Community posts in search results.

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