9 Killer Tips to Increase Your Android Battery Life

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Most of the Smartphone users are using android now a days because of its amazing features, killer looks, multitasking supports, and etc.

Android device have been popular because of its attractive features, audio and video in HD Quality, Camera resolutions, etc.

Because the support of Multitasking and Multiprocessing we can run several apps and programmes at a same time in a device. For examle, we can listen music, downloading stuffs, and browse internet at a same time. The most common issue with the android devices are that the battery of android
get downs soon. I know whatever the reason may be, overcharging, hardware problem, poor battery brand, running background apps or anything thats consuming a part of energy. I think most of the users are suffering from this problem today. In this post, i am going to discuss on best tips to increase battery life in a android device.
These killer tips to increase android batter life will help you in many ways to enhance your battery usage. So, lets have a look on the tips to increase android battery life.

Killer Tips to Increase Battery Life of a Android Device

1. Dont Use Auto Brightness and Live Wallpapers - Turn down the brightness according to your needs as it consumes a lot of power of your android. I'll recommend you to not use live wallpapers. I suggest you to use a dark wallpaper and screensaver.

2. Turn Off GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi etc.. - Dont get connected Everytime, turn off these features according to your needs. These changes are nothing but saves a lot of batter power. Got it ?

3. Disable Auto Sync - I will strongly recommend you to disable it because as it runs in background, consumes a lot of power. You can go for manual sync at a time.

4. Stop Overcharing of Battery - when you plug in your mobile to charging, keep an eye to the time it takes get full charge, dont overcharge your mobile as it effects on battery very badly.

5. Avoid Multitasking Everytime - Its the most effecting implementation, stop multitasking, just stop. These apps or programmes in background consumes a lot of battery. Yes, use it when you need but not everytime randomly.

6. Enable Power Saving Mode - Most of the android devices are now with feature, enable it. It will help you to save your power after a certain usage of battery usage.

7. Other Important Tips

- Turn-off the notification for apps for which notification are not necessary all the time.

- Use darker background in apps, if it allows.

- Instead of automatically updates apps manual update them. Because in
auto-update, many apps will start their process of update which will consume more battery.

- Always use recommended and branded battery for android smartphone.

- Use latest version of android operating system.

So, thats all in tips to increase battery life in android. I hope that these changes will work effectively to save battery life in android. If you have any questions or queries let me know via comments, i would love to assist you. Dont forget to share it with your friends.. Happy to Help :)

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