How Can You Increase Your Blog Traffic With YouTube

YouTube is quite a popular tool online and you can use it very effectively to enhance blog traffic. There are some simple strategies to use YouTube to market your blog. Given the large audience base that YouTube has, there is a great opportunity to develop a steady stream of traffic and also get valid feedback, allowing you to improve.

Video linking
The first step is to make a video and upload it on the YouTube. The video has to be good to impress the audience. You can use that video to bring visitors to your blog too. To promote, you can actually flash the URL of your site on the video, so that users take note of it. In fact, some videos even have a supporting audio, where the blog name can be spelled out. Popular videos on YouTube get propagated very quickly, which is why you should make good use of it. Once you have a successful video, it is a good idea to follow it up with more videos and connect them all from the same profile so that you develop a devoted fan base who offer a steady streamline of traffic to your blog.
Comment on the videos
Offering intelligent comments along with additional information on the YouTube video is another way of increasing blog traffic. Those who are impressed by the video usually want information or background on that video. You can offer the information along with the URL. Those who are browsing over YouTube could be moving from one video to another. Hence when you have their attention, it is better to make things convenient for them so that they are led to find out more information from your blog.
Reply to comments
A lot of people, who watch videos on YouTube, ask questions, give feedback and raise concerns. This is the kind of audience you are looking for and it is good to indulge them. It is not a bad idea to reply to those comments satisfactorily and consistently. Mentioning your blog URL would lead this audience to your blog. Communicating with those who take time out to watch your videos and comment on them, will help you develop a dedicated visitor base which would be looking forward to updates.
Upload often
There is no point in being a one video wonder. Even if you get a lot of traffic initially it will fade away pretty soon if you don’t follow it up with more. You must utilize the initial interest and ensure that the traffic you generate is steady and you also build it over a period of time. Uploading often will also help you to interlink the videos and the blog. There is a greater chance of more people stumbling on your videos when you have more of them. Once a visitor arrives at any of the videos, he or she would be interested to know more about your content. This way the chances of increasing your blog traffic are enhanced.

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