What are the advantages and disadvantages of the android rooting?

Rooting is basically a technique which allows the users, using any device running on android like tablet, smart phones or any other device to give the access to the user to install applications from uncertified manufacturer and to access the administrator settings which are inaccessible to the common user.
On one side where android rooting gives the user access to the administrator settings and is quite useful to the some users but still it comes up with many specific disadvantages.

What are the advantages to root your android device?

There are always hidden features of any operating system which are used, but these hidden features is not known to everyone and only some people got access to that and the android rooting is also a kind of hidden feature of the android.

Android is the operating system which does not gives all the features a user wants and some of the applications are also blocked by the carrier with rooting the user can easily install these applications and use them, the user get full freedom to use the latest version of the android even if it is not available for that device. The user can install featuring apps from the other devices also, like beats audio which basically gives better audio performance of the phone. The user can get boost up the hardware system and get the best which can be given by that hardware system.

With rooting the can automate just everything available on their android device, user himself can control certain tasks which are to be used the manufacturer defaults, these tasks basically involves the toggling of 3G, controlling the speed of CPU and many other features which can give a better performance to the user.

With the help of android rooting the user can also get the better performance with the battery life because while running the phone we can limit the use of battery to the CPU and it saves the battery life.

What are the disadvantages to root your android device?

The disadvantages of android rooting are very few comparing to the advantages of rooting the android system but the disadvantages of the android rooting are very serious and noticeable.

The basic drawback which an android rooting gives to the user is that the manufacturers of the device are against the rooting of the android devices and if the user roots the android device the company voids the given warranty and the user cannot avail the benefits of the warranty.

While we talk about “bricking” it scares all android user because if you are working to root your android device and somehow did not managed to do it perfectly your android device may get locked and you cannot install any operating system and cannot even use it and the worst part is that the manufacturer or the insurance company does not pay you anything because it was the user’s decision and your are left with the useless hardware.

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