Answerthepublic tool – A must read review for all keyword search tool – a unique keyword tool that is available for free for the webmasters. In this past, I have written a detailed review on Ubersuggest keyword tool. And How it works. Its comparison with others as a keyword search tool. But today, my discussion will be exclusively on this tool – Answerthepublic.


Answerthepublic tool is an online keyword suggestion tool that provides long tail keywords variations.  However, there is a drawback with this tool. Unlike its peers like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner or Soovle, it doesn’t provide information on the number of searches, CPCs in the CSV format. This is where you can get the data in the excel format.
But, when you hover the cursor over any keyword, the tool reflects its monthly search history and CPC.  A feature that is present in Soovle also.  The image below shows how the tool provides the information.

One cannot expect webmasters to hover over each and every keyword to get details about search history and CPC.
In spite of all these, this tool is a favorite of many webmasters for its uniqueness. It sources its information from Google. Long tail keywords variations provided by this tool are two types. One is in question form. And the other is done by adding preposition or using a conjunction. Also, variants are provided by adding words as per their alphabetical order. All these variations can be used as unique content ideas.  But what appeals most is the wide variety of queries it provides in the question form.


The tool in question provides a good number of queries by adding who, why, how, where, which etc to the keywords phrases.  In doing so, it provides the actual customer intent.  So, content writers, entrepreneurs, buyers, sellers stand to gain as they get a large number of content ideas.

 How?  Take a look at this.  I sought keyword suggestions from this tool for seed keywords “blue jeans”.  The keyword queries this tool provided were far ahead from what Ubersuggest furnished in terms of variations.  In fact, this sort of queries was absent in Ubersuggest keyword list.  This was evident when I compared the data provided from this two tools.  A screenshot is provided below.

All these keyword queries not only give unique content ideas but also reflect the search intent of the searchers.
Googles in 2013, has changed its search algorithm.  In the Hummingbird algorithm, Google instead of parsing search queries word by word, started parsing the whole search phrase.  This has increased the popularity of long tail search phrases.  Search intent can be best expressed through long tail phrases and not through short tail keywords.

In google, people usually come in search of a solution to a problem.
So, their queries usually begin with How to, Where can, Why etc.  This tool by adding the seed keywords to hows, whys, whats, wheres have reflected the search intent of the onliners, webmasters.  Here is where the tool becomes unavoidable.
Now, tell me, what exactly is information?  Content is said to contain information if it addresses specific problems.  And with its presentation and quality information, it stands out in the millions of blog posts in the blogosphere.  This tool helps create quality blog content through its scores of keywords, familiar with the prevailing search intent.


So, if you are thinking of taking blogging seriously, Answerthepublic tool is indispensable.  Even if you are using one of those keyword tools available only for a premium, you have to be in touch with this tool to keep yourself ahead.

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