Basic tips on blog commenting

In today’s blogging parlance, comments are known to be an acknowledgement of the blogger/webmaster’s hard work. They may be in the form of a review, perusal, opinion or evaluation of sorts.  Or they may be a discussion also.  Whatever form it is available, it is inevitable for any blogger cannot think of blogging without comments.


There are many benefits one derives from commenting on other’s blogs.  The comment section of your blog provides you with a platform to gain exposure in the blogosphere.  People come to know about you and your blog from the space meant for commenting.

There are many reasons for commenting but you must know when a post deserves a comment and when to accept other’s comments. Let me, therefore, share some useful blog commenting tips for my readers.

#1     Why should you indulge in blog commenting when there are several channels through which your site can get exposure from submission to search engines, blog directories, creating facebook pages, twitter accounts etc.
The very fact that you can leave your opinion or viewpoints right below the post leaves a lasting impression on the visitors coming to that page.

#2     Commenting on other’s blogs is a unique way of driving traffic to your blog.  But you need to leave a good comment to elicit such a response.  When visitors scan through the comment history, they usually check commentators who leave quality or good content.
Therefore, casual comments like Great post, nice post may not draw their attention.  But that does not suggest that you must comment.  You should only when you think that you possess sound knowledge on an issue.

#3     The space meant for commenting within blogs is a place for exchanging views, opinions etc as also asking queries. Hence, sensible interactions will lead to long term relationship and help you in building a brand.

#4     Backlinks are an important ranking factor.  The more you comment on other’s post, chances are strong that they may also reciprocate and help build valuable backlinks and thereby contribute to your ranking.

#5     So, from SEO perspective, commenting has three significance.  It drives traffic, creates backlink which contributes to your blog’s rank.


From the above discussion, you can deduce that commenting has many benefits.  Webmasters can’t afford to ignore them.  However, what you must know as a webmaster is that where and how to comment.  For enlightening my readers, I am recommending a few blog commenting tips which if implemented will yield good results.

(i)     It makes sense to comment on popular blogs like shoutmeloud, bloggingcage which have a high domain authority.  Backlinks from these sites will earn you a high ranking.  In a nutshell, quality backlinks will ensure high domain authority.

(ii)     You need to follow a certain level of etiquette while commenting on other’s blogs.  Never be harsh on a fellow blogger.  You should also be courteous to reciprocate in the same manner when you win accolades from the blogosphere.

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