Today, blogging is regarded as a part time online avenue and not as a full-time career.  Young job aspirants, children are never encouraged by their parents to explore career opportunities as a blogger. With this sort of mindset prevailing, have you ever wondered where will blogging be five years from now?


The answer to this question throws more questions as these.
  • How much are parents ready to allow their children to take blogging as a full-time career.
  • If the current generation is ready to accept it as a career and not as one of the part-time work from home jobs instead.
  • How much is the Indian society ready to embrace blogging as a full-time career?
That the concept of blogging is not widespread in India has been attributable to low internet penetration in rural areas.
So what?  Is the urban India that liberal when next generation is asked to choose between a regular job and online avenues available today.  It is big NO.


Firstly, we need to change our mindset and perception about blogging.  Often, blogging is misperceived as web designing.  Some even don’t know what blogging is all about?  This was shared by renowned blogger Harsh Agarwal in one of his posts. When he told that he was a blogger by profession, he was greeted by this astonishing response (source: blogging awaits social acceptance) which not only reflects the mindset of people and how much importance they attach to the career of blogging.
The experience shared by Kulwant Nagi in various blog posts is no better either.
Here are a few excerpts of some budding bloggers, followers from one of his blog posts, which reflect the mindset of our parents, society at large.

Of late, there has been a huge change in the mindset of the present generation. The youths are open to anything new but, how parents react to it is yet to be seen.  Over generations, they have known that the word career means going for 9 to 5:30 job, pursuing medical, engineering or MBA.
And that is where they find themselves secure within the confines of their Office rooms.  Therefore, they cannot think of something which entails working from the comfort of home.


As more young minds are taking blogging seriously, the onus of changing the scenario lies with the present generation.  The problem that plagues blogging industry is that the society is ignorant about blogging.  Therefore, to remove the ignorance, our parents, guardians, friends – all need to be educated about blogging.  Only then, we can expect people to change their mindset and get blogging its much-awaited recognition.
They should be told that very often, people mistake blog posts for website articles and, therefore, they deny the credits they should owe to the originators of such posts.

Spread the words “the future is in blogging – a recession-proof career option“.
Apart from writing posts, interacting in social gatherings, using social media to the fullest extent, ask your friends in MNCs, private cos, retirees and even Ex-Servicemen Officers to attend
                     (i)           seminars on digital marketing,
                     (ii)          bloggers’ meet like the ones recently held  by Harsh Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi
                     (iii)         and those held by MNCs like Samsung, Nokia.
Seminar on blogging presided over by Harsh
And obviously, as Harsh maintained in his post (mentioned above), that show them the money.  Tell them, how much can one earn here.


Internet penetration is increasing with every passing day with the increase in usage of English language as a medium of instruction and more people are excepted to go online.  Also, Governments both State and Central, are pro-active in spreading the facility of internet.  Today, many far-flung places have access to free wi-fi facility.  And more are awaiting such facility.
Moreso, with the advent of satellite internet, expectations are high.  So, days are not that far when places obscure before will now gain prominence and their young minds scaling new heights in various fields including blogging.  Therefore, there is no reason why you should not regard blogging as a full-time career option.

We only need to come out of the shell within which we have confined ourselves believing that we are right.  At the end of the day, if you want to have the egg, you have to break the shell. Only then, Professional bloggers will be around as never before and we will have our own Indian version of Pat Flynn, Spencer Haws, Darren Rowse, Brian Dean.
Won’t we, guys?  What is your take on the issue?  Do let me know at the earliest.
When I asked the question to two of the eminent bloggers of all time. this is what they replied
blogging in India
If you have any more points to add to help bring about the much-awaited change in the world society, then please go ahead.

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