Cool Facebook Photo Codes - 2019

Facebook Photo Codes - 2019

Facebook is the largest social media community over the web because of its amazing and beautiful features. There are a lot of featues that make facebook the best social media community.

Today, in this post i am going to show you a very new thing that how to post beautiful photos, stickers, and icons in facebook status update and comment.

You just have to copy these codes and paste in your status update and you'll have a witness of cool photos and stickers. Lets see, how to implement it.

Note => Copy The Codes With Double Brackets ' [[]] ' & Paste in Your Facebook Status updates or Comments and also note that These all are working only with browsers.. Not with Facebook Apps

Cool Facebook Photo Codes - 2019

1. Dragon Code


2. Blue Tick Mark Code


3. Arrow Code


4. Blue Tick Mark Code [Big]


5. Online Code - Facebook Green Dot Code


More Codes Will Be Added Soon.. 

So these are the codes you are searching for, If you're facing any problem related to these codes, kindly drop a comment. We will assist you shortly

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