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Well, if we look at the gaming section briefly, we'll discover that PUBG Mobile is the most loved royal battle game right now. On multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, etc., the game is accessible. PUBG is an ultimate royal battle game for those who don't know where you have to fight against 99 other players on an island.

The player's ultimate objective is to stay the last man standing. So, the play wins the player who survives until the very end. The game was originally introduced for PC, but the designers also launched the game for portable phones after getting many favorable reviews. If you stay updated with the recent tech and gaming news, you may understand that the pre-registration of the PUBG Lite PC for beta testing is set to close today. Earlier this year, PUBG Corporation published the' Lite' version of PUBG. Earlier this year, PUBG Lite was introduced andpre-registrationin India went live the month before.

Pubg lite beta for PC Download now

If you don't know, the team behind PUBG will appeal to those gamers who don't have a high-end PC with PUBG Lite. The game is optimized for running the same PUBG gaming experience on a low-end computer. You won't think it, but in India, PUBG Lite's pre-registration counts have crossed the 200,000 mark.

So, if you're one of those over 200,000 customers, we've got a piece of nice news for you. PUBG Lite Beta version is now available live in BD, and those who have pre-registered may log in to download the game with their account. To download and install PUBG Lite on your PC, follow some of the easy steps below.

PUBG Lite: Minimum Specifications

pubg lite beta

Step to Download Pubg lite beta

Well, if you've already registered for beta testing, you can now install and play the game. To download and install PUBG Lite on your PC, follow some of the easy steps below.

Step 1. First of all, visit the official website of PUBG Lite.

Step 2.Now download from there the PUBG Lite Launcher.

Step 3. Once downloaded, run the launcher and select the beta version of PUBG Lite to be installed. That's it, it's achieved! The launcher is going to download the 2.4 GB PUBG Lite game. Wait a few minutes or hours (depending on the velocity of the web). You'll be able to play the game once you've accomplished that.

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